Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't go chasin' waterfalls!

I thought the song was appropriate for the mani I am going to show you in this post. lol Plus I just love that song, and TLC.

Anyways... so lately I have been looking for inspiration to do my nails because I just don't know what to do with them anymore and I get sick of just painting them and not doing anything cute to them. So I kept seeing lots of different ladies posting waterfall mani's and thought they were so cute and been wanting to try them, so I decided I would. I have been putting them off for awhile because I thought they would be hard to do. They're actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You can see on my thumb that I was just drawing lines from top to bottom and trying to make them perfect, but then I realized you just have to let the brush flow, like a waterfall.

I am sick of winter and all this snow we have been getting so I decided that I would do some bright summer colors. I used Kate by Julep for my base coat. This is not a very good white to just wear as a solid color, but works good for doing nail art over top of it. Then for the stripes I used the following: Neon Pink nail art duo pen by Art Club, Purple Rain by Art Club, Green Stem by Salon Perfect, Holo Silver nail art duo pen by Art Club, Lilac Hologram by Art Club.

This was my first attempt at doing waterfalls, and honestly I did my thumb first and had to stare at it for awhile and decide if I was going to continue or not. I didn't really like them, but I told myself maybe they'll look better once I do more. Once I did all my nails, but before I put the Lilac Hologram glitter on, I didn't like them and I was going to take it all off and start over with different colors. I thought, maybe it just needs a little sparkle. I added the glitter and LOVED them.

I got a lot of compliments on them so far too and I think they turned out pretty good! Hope you guys enjoyed my post and have a great week! xoLeah

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