Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Super excited to show you guys this mani. Its one of my top faves that I did and I get to also show you two of my new favorite things!

I went to T.J. Maxx for the first time the other day to see what kind of polishes they had. I didn't even know they sold polishes there until I had received some from one of my buddies with a T.J. Maxx price tag on it. So I went in there and they didn't really have a lot to choose from that I was interested in. They did have a TON of Essie's though in pretty colors for $4 something. Good deal. Anyways, so I did find this cute lil "Perfect Duo" box from Orly. It had Rock-It and Face of Destiny in it. Rock-It is the darker color and Face of Destiny is the salmon color. I got this duo for $5.99! Rock-It is what sold me, this is probably my new favorite nail polish color. I LOVE THIS COLOR!!! Face of Destiny is pretty too, but I am not like super in love with it. There could have been a super ugly color in this duo pack and I would have still gotten it because of Rock-It. lol

I don't have many Orly's, not including these two, I think I have 3 or 4. I haven't really used them much yet either, so this was really my first time using Orly for a full mani. I don't like the brushes, they're real skinny, I hate skinny brushes. Otherwise though its a nice formula and goes on smoothly.

Next I am gonna show you these awesome new Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art pens!! They're so awesome, compared to trying to use a dotting tool, or the nail art duo pens from Art Club. I love them so much and I want every color now. I have white and black. I will be showing you the white in this post. They're like paint pens. They are so much easier to use to do nail art. I haven't gotten used to applying them yet, so in this mani they're kinda dotty and messy, but I still love it! I mean seriously, this stuff is so easy and so quick to do and dries so fast that I did BOTH hands AND my kids were even awake when I did them. CRAZY! haha Another thing I loved was that the white didn't bleed. All the other white nail art polishes I have the colors always seem to bleed and take forever to dry.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post! Have a great week! xoLeah

Here are some other pics... First is my left hand:

No top coat without flash

Top coat with flash

Top coat with flash

Top coat without flash

With flash

Without flash

Here is my right hand. I even did nail art on this hand! This is a rare occasion! lol I did the colors opposite on this hand so you could see Rock-It more.

Top coat and no flash

Top coat and flash

Without flash

With flash

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