Monday, March 31, 2014


Hi there!

It is officially spring. I think Mother Nature must have missed the memo. I am actually pretty sure it snowed on the first day of spring.

 I come baring Sunshine! We could all use some, I'm sure!

This Sunshine is from Urban Outfitters.

 Sunshine is a gorgeous yellow cream polish. It is so smooth. It goes on nice and thick with minimal streaking. Two coats are necessary.

Here is Sunshine with two coats and a top coat.

Isn't is such a gorgeous yellow? This is definitely on my top list of yellows. I love Urban Outfitters nail polish! They are so stylish and pretty. Great formula and super affordable! I think I got this on clearance for .99 but their polishes are usually like 2 for $8 which is a deal! I love their bottles too!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

D!ck in a box!

Hi there!

Today I want to show you a really amazing color called D!ck in a Box from Girly Bits. This is my first Girly Bits polish! I won a giveaway in February from Set in Lacquer for a 25$ gift card to Girly Bits. I was really super excited and was actually going to save it maybe for if they had a sale or something since they are in Canada but then I was on Facebook or Instagram or something and I saw a post about this color- D!ck in a box. I couldn't wait, I had to have it. Dick in a Box is a Saturday Night Live skit with The Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake. As much as I love the skit I bought it because my cat's name is Dick Spartan and when she sleeps in boxes I like to sing "It's a Dick in a box" to her.


 D!ck in a Box is a gorgeous grey polish packed with holographics. It's perfect for Sparty, since shes grey and loves sparkles! The application of this polish is amazing. It applies so smoothly and evenly. Its perfect with two coats.

Here it is with two coats and a top coat.

 When I ordered this color I didn't want to have just a couple dollars left over because I didn't want it to get lost or wasted so I got some glitter that I could add to other things. When my package arrived in the mail I'm sure that my mail carrier was curious! lolololol

 I wore this color over the weekend when I went to surprise Leah! It was an amazing weekend! You can read more about the surprise and watch the video on Leah's latest post!

I really love this color! I've been wearing it since Friday. You can find Girly Bits on Facebook and on their website. Their polishes run from about 11$ US.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marbles for Polish

So recently I was introduced to a new indie brand. She just started making her polish a few months ago, but only started selling last month. You can check out her store HERE and her facebook page HERE.

I received her package a few days ago and immediately painted my nails. The colors were so pretty that I couldn't resist! Today I am going to show you Sloth and Anger from her 7 Deadly Sins collection which comes out March 28th. Also she sent me Dianthus which has already been released.

Since I tried them all at once, the only one that I could really tell how long is lasted was the Dianthus. It was the last one I tested out and definitely my favorite!! LOVE pink and chromes, so it was definitely my fave of the three. I never do dishes, the hubby does them, so usually I can't test out polishes that way haha, but I had to wash a few things when I was wearing Dianthus and it only slightly chipped off my pointer finger. Then it lasted through a bunch of stuff for the last few days. I've had it on for about 4 days and there is only minor chipping on the tips. 

Inside no flash

Inside with flash

Sunlight + flash


All three were pretty good formula wise. I am not sure if it was something I did, or something with the polish, but I did have a few little bubbles. They all went on very nicely with two coats and were pretty opaque. 

Anger is a shimmery red orange color. It has tiny specks of gold glitter in it giving it the shimmer. I think its a great representation of Anger. 

Inside no flash

Inside with flash


Sloth was an awesome robins egg blue shade. Has a slight shimmer to it as well, but kinda hard to see in certain light. My eyes have been acting weird the last few days and when taking pics I didnt realize how blurry some were till I had removed the polish and went to edit them. So I didn't get as many good ones for Sloth as I'd have liked.

Inside with flash


They all applied nicely, Sloth was a lil thick, but not too bad. They all dried pretty quickly too, which was awesome. The brushes and bottles were great too. I've tried these before with other brands and I like them. They all were pretty easy to remove as well!

Loved all these polishes, can't wait to see what else she comes up with! Thanks Shannon for giving me the chance to review your polishes! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope you all get a chance to check out her polishes too! Have a great week! xoLeah

PS. I just wanted to share with you guys something awesome that happened this past weekend. Panacea and I as most of you know, live in different states. We don't get to see each other very often, and the last time we had seen each other was almost 3 years ago. A mutual friend of ours was going to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland which is a Christmas store about 20 minutes from me that is open all year long. Well when Amanda was in town, we were supposed to meet up so that she could bring me the afghan that Panacea crocheted for me. When I went to meet up with Amanda, I had been turned around to talk to my friend Ariel who went with me to get the blanket and when I turned around Panacea was standing there with Amanda to deliver it to me! It was the best surprise ever. I was having a terrible day and that totally made it so much better. I had surprised her the last time I visited her, so I thought it was cute that she got me back! lol
Here is the video of her surprising me!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Aquadelic, baby!

Hello lovelies!

So I was totally planning to do one last St. Patrick's Day mani for today, even though its the day after. After I thought about it though I realized I have been seeing nothing but St. Patrick's Day mani's and I did a few this year already, so I figured everyone is probably sick of them. lol Decided to try something cute that I have never tried before. I've used stripping tape before, but never really with a design like this. I totally love it, its very late 80's, early 90's.

For this mani I used Sally Hansen Triple Shine Lemon Shark for the base. Then I used stripping tape to block out some triangles. I painted the triangles with Aquadelic by China Glaze. On my accent nail I thought I would change it up. I used La Paz-itively Hot as the base, then Aquadelic again for the stripes. I wish I would have made the stripes a lil wider, or maybe did more of them, but oh well. I can try next time.

Hope you guys had a great St. Patrick's Day and have a great week! xoLeah

With flash

Without flash

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Almost Famous

Hey guys!!

Today I am going to show you Almost Famous by Lilypad Lacquer. Its my very first one!!! It was a limited edition polish made originally for another blogger, Almost Famous, then shared with everyone! Its such a pretty purple and the holo is gorgeous, however I was a lil disappointed with the fact that you can only really see it in sunlight or bright light. The formula is great though too, nice brush and bottle. I really want to try some more though too. Its been holding up pretty well on my nails too. Had it on for a few days now and very very minimal chipping.

I am sorry that this post isn't longer, but I have been having a rough couple days and today I have a terrible headache. I promised on the facebook page that I would have my Tuesday post out today, so I am keeping my promise!

I do have some exciting news though to share. For my birthday, but a week earlier, I will be going to Chicago to visit Panacea!! We have a special post in store for you guys, should be coming out on my birthday which is April 11th, so be sure to check back for it then. Also don't forget to check out this months giveaway! Hope you guys have a great weekend! xoLeah

If you are interested in buying any Lilypad Lacquers you can do so by clicking HERE. Currently though her store is not open, so be sure to check back!

You can also purchase from Llarowe once she gets a restock.

I am not sure where else you can purchase from, but you can visit Nicole's facebook page for Lilypad Lacquer HERE.

And from here you can see the smudge on my pinky nail. I was having a bad day and didn't care to fix it. lol

I tried to get sunlight pics too, but its been so gloomy here.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Hi there!

Today I want to show you a super fun, summery color from Orly! This color is called Starburst and is from their newer Galaxy FX collection. Space is one of my favorite things ever and when I saw this collection I was awestruck. It is such a pretty collection! Orly's were 2 for $11 at Sally's about a month ago, when they were having the special 50% off clearance. I had a really hard time just picking two! This color is perfect for a day like today. Heat Wave of 45 degrees!!

Starburst is a white base polish with tons of red, orange, yellow, and large white glitters. Since my run in with Mountain High, I am weary of white based nail polishes but those orange and yellow glitters were calling my name!

I really really loved this one!  It went on so nice and covered very well , but two coats is definitely necessary. It does has a texture effect to it but its not like the pixies or liquid sands. Love it.

Here it is with two coats no top coat!

This color is so very summery and makes me want summer and warm weather even more now! Have you tried any of the Orly FX polishes?

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Giveaway!!

Hi  everyone!

Happy March! We are so so sooooo looking forward to spring. So hoping it brings us some beautiful weather!

For this giveaway we are giving away Zoya Kerry, Sephora by OPI I found a pot of gold! Art Club nail art pens NA6 Green and Black Hologram. Its kind of a St. Patricks Day themed giveaway but it will last all month!

The giveaway will start March. 6 (12am CST) and end March 31st(12am CST)!

Please don't unlike us after the giveaway! Its not nice and we enjoy our viewers so much!
This giveaway is for US ONLY (Sorry International ladies :/ )
You must be 18+ years of age or have a guardians permission
Be Nice! Meanness will not be tolerated, ever.
No cheating or giveaway accounts
Have fun!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Purple Everywhere!

I dunno what is going on, but I have been really into purple polish lately! lol My favorite colors are red and pink, but lately I keep seeing all these gorgeous purples. So the other day hubby let me go shopping on Llarowe and I picked up 2 new purple polishes there, along with a few other colors which I'll be showing soon. I got a purple holo from my adopt a friend buddy this month. I also picked up Almost Famous by Lilypad Lacquer from a friend. I just can't get enough of purple lately! lol I was hoping that I could show you Almost Famous in this post too, but I didn't get it in the mail yet, so another time.

Today I am going to show you Tinsicle by Lacquerlicious, Cap'n Cook by Cadillacquer, and Plum GEE-nius by Ellagee. These are all new brands for me. I do have some Ellagee polishes, but they're in mini's and I think I have only tried them, never really worn them. I got them as a adopt a friend gift.

I was shopping on Llarowe and I told the hubby I would only spend $50 and I was a few dollars short after getting the ones I wanted, but any orders $50 or more get free shipping. So I visited the sale section. There were a few and in the swatch pics I looked at for them, I wasn't too fond of them, but I thought "I will just grab a few of one of them and I can use them for buddies or giveaways or something." Tinsicle by Laquerlicious was $3 and it was the best of the ones on there so I thought sure, why not. When it arrived I LOVED it in the bottle, but being a chunky glitter polish I thought I was going to have to dig. The base in this is AMAZING! It grabs the glitter so well and 1 coat covered my nail perfectly! I was TOTALLY impressed and decided I was going to keep one for myself! Probably one of my new favorite glitters!! You can purchase Laquerlicious polishes HERE. It is no longer available on Llarowe.

Here is 1 coat of Plum GEE-nius and 2 coats of Tinsicle.

Since I was using Tinsicle as an accent nail, I wanted to do another one of my new purples with it. I think it would have looked better with Cap'n Cook, but I tried Plum GEE-nius by Ellagee instead for more sparkle. Beautiful color, I wish I could have gotten better sun pics, but there hasn't been much sun here. Its a linear holo dark purple. Nice formula too! I got this one from my adopt a friend buddy for January. I love that Ellagee polishes come with that cute lil ring, so sweet. This is a a custom polish I am told, so I don't believe it is available for just anyone to purchase. You can purchase other Ellagee polishes HERE.

Next is Cap'n Cook by Cadillacquer. I kept seeing this in my feed from different bloggers sharing it and I fell more in love every time I seen it! Looks so much better in light/sunlight, but its still a pretty polish! I love the brush on this polish! Easy to grip, plus it was a wide brush. I cant stand skinny brushes. It was a real nice formula too! The fact that this was in a Breaking Bad collection got me super excited too because I LOVED Breaking Bad! All the colors from that collection are gorgeous too! You can purchase Cadillacquer polishes HERE. You can also get them on Llarowe.

This is 2 coats of Cap'n Cook.

Please excuse my skin and cuticles in these last two pics. This was the next day while I was out driving and I hadn't lotioned my hands or put on cuticle oil yet. The sun was shining and I wanted to try to get some nice sun pics. It was kinda hard in the car though.

Hope you all have a great week and enjoyed my post! xoLeah