Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hi there!

Today I want to show you another indie polish from a brand called Digital Nails. I have mostly admired from afar. They have some seriously AH-MAY-ZING colors. And the holo in this color was ridiculous. Seriously.

I love indie holo's. Their are not many better things in life.

The color I want to show you is Pandorica. I got this for Christmas and when I opened it I saw Pan and I thought for a second it was going to say Panacea. Holy Cow, right?! Sike.

It is Pandorica. What is a Pandorica? I googled it and found out it was something from Dr. Who. I've never seen the show but I really feel like I probly should. I am missing something! There are so very many Dr. Who things & polish collections!

The first coat of this polish was very light. So light. I was kind of surprised at first stroke. The second coat was darker but I think this polish is at least a three coater. It is soooo gorgeous!

Here it is with three coats and a topcoat.

It was not hard at all to capture that sparkle! It was every which way I moved my hands! I showed the ladies at work and they were like 'Ok. Now that one is cool!' They loved it as much as I did!

Do you have any Digital Nail colors? I can't wait to try more! You can find Digital Nails on Facebook and Etsy!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


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