Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mood Swings

Lately I have been actually feeling a lil mood swingy, so this manicure fits perfect. lol

This stuff is so awesome. Like seriously, I can't stop playing with it when I wash my hands! Superficially Colorful had her one year blogiversary about 2ish months ago and I WON!!! Omg you have no idea how excited I was. It was the 3rd giveaway I've ever won and by far the biggest prize!! I had actually forgot that I even entered it until she messaged me to tell me that I won. She had a rafflecopter entry, and then you could earn extra entries by doing her nail art challenge. I had so much fun doing it! 

The way this stuff works is you apply it and it changes with temperature. When I first put it on, its one color. As it dries, it turned another color. Then I was having fun playing in the water with it! Here are some pics of ways I tested it out!

                          (Cold water without flash)                                 (Warm water without flash)

                          (Cold water with flash)                                          (Warm water with flash)

(Half dipped in cold water with flash)

Isn't this stuff just so cool? I think this is probably the most interesting nail polish that I own! I am just so excited about it! 

When I first put it on, I wasn't sure if I wanted to put on a top coat or not because I wasn't sure if it would work or not still. So after I took a bunch of pics I decided to put it on. Sure enough, still works perfectly! I am not sure however if its the top coat I used or the polish itself, but its already chipping away and i've only had it on a few hours. I have been doing lots of stuff that probably didn't help it any, but its the first time using this top coat, so I am just not sure. I am using the top coat by Fresh Paint. I got it at 5 Below. I love that store. 

Anyways, the names of the colors are fun too. They go right along with the name of the collection, of course. On my thumb is 'Giggly,' pointer is 'Impulsive,' middle is 'Fascinated,' ring finger is 'Daring,' and pinky is 'Provocative.' Aren't those fun names!

I noticed that all of the polishes went on differently. Giggly seemed sort of thick and slightly sticky, where Provocative was on the runny side and took a few coats to get it thick enough. They're all still awesome though! Even my husband and kids were impressed. My 3 year old kept asking to see my nails in the water!

You can find Superficially Colorful's facebook page by clicking the link HERE!
You can find her blog by clicking the link HERE!

Ok, well I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it made up for my lack of a post last week! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day and that you all continue to have a fantastic week! xo Leah

PS. I messaged Jin to ask her about info for purchasing if its available and I haven't received a reply yet. I will update the post with info as I receive it!

**UPDATE** She responded. Her polishes aren't currently available for purchase because she has limited access to base. If someone like absolutely has to have these, let me know, she said she might be able to work out a few.


  1. I love this!! Where did you get it? Which picture do you think is more like the real colors, with or without the flash?

    1. Wow, sorry that I suck and didn't see this comment till now Jess, but I got it in a giveaway that I won. The lady is from Israel. She said if you were really interested in buying it, she might be able to get some out to you. And the pics with flash is more accurate! :D


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