Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nail party

So a few days ago I went to my parents house for two days. They live only 20 minutes away, but its nice to get away from responsibility and just spend time with my babies. We live in an apartment and my parents live in the country sort of, so lots more space for the kids to play!

While there I got the urge to do nails. My moms best friend lives with her and is a nail tech and she kept saying we should have a nail party, so we did!

(My mom, Debbie on the left. Felicia, her best friend on the right.)

Felicia, my moms friend, did my moms fingers and I did my moms toes. Well Felicia did the nail art, I just painted them. I also did my own nails twice. I didn't like them the first time so I tried something else and ended up not liking that either and liking what I had originally done after all.

(Moms fingers and toes. Those are little dragon flies and gems :D)

It was actually pretty funny though because after my mom had her nails done she went to bed and Felicia and I were sitting there talking about freaky stuff that has happened to us living in my parents house. As we were talking about it I was doing my nails. Halfway thru, we were talking about the time one of my pictures flew off the wall and then the picture right behind me fell off the wall. Felicia and I both screamed bloody murder and bolted upstairs! Come to find out there was a dinky, bent nail on the wall holding it up barely. We turned on the fan and that's why it fell. Still scared us shitless! Lol So being frazzled, sleepy, and no longer in the mood to paint my nails they turned out like crap. Lol this was the second one I mentioned. So yea, after that I was looking at pics of the first mani and I was like man, I should have kept that on! Haha oh well.

For the first mani I used two colors by Urban Outfitters that Panacea sent to me for my birthday. I'm not really in to milky colors, but I really like this one. The milky color is called Bright Lights. The accent nail is Scorcher.

(First mani)

(Second mani)

For the second mani I used Sinful Shines Devious. I really love this color a lot. It has a patent leather looking finish and its gorgeous. On top I used Juleps Carly. This blue is so gorgeous! I was going for a fade and then full glitter on the accent nail, but this was the part I did after almost peeing myself. Haha so I screwed it up.
I hope that you guys enjoyed my post! Have a great week! xoLeah

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