Monday, March 18, 2013

OPI- Mariah Carey liquid sand Can't Let Go

Hi there :)

I am sure by now everyone is probably getting tired of seeing the Mariah Carey liquid sand collection, but I am just now jumping on the bandwagon! When I first heard of the liquid sand deal I really was not sure how I felt about it... How weird.. How hard would it be to get off?! Probably impossible. Would it feel weird going on? I just had a lot of weird issues with it.
I couldn’t decide what color I wanted to paint my nails so I had Hubby pick. He picked Can’t let go from the Mariah Carey collection. I was a little hesitant. I really just wasn’t sure if I was ready to go there just yet. But he said he wasn’t going to pick another color so I went with it.. I actually really liked it. I was surprised! It didn’t feel weird going on, it wasn’t really super difficult to get off. It was really weird in my gloves. By the time I got off work what polish was left on my nails, the sand was like bleached almost.

I didn't use any top coat because it said not to. I have seen pictures with and without. I like the way it looks much better without top coat. 

Have you tried any liquid sand polishes yet? Do you want to try them? How do you feel about them?

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy! 



  1. At first I was not interested in any of the liquid sand polishes, but I am seriously loving how they look with top coat on, so I will probably pick one or two up. This one is a really beautiful colour :D

    1. OPI is coming with a bond girls collection that will be liquid sand I believe. I really want to try the Zoya ones also!


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