Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Hi there :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I hope that Everyone that celebrates had an awesome Easter.

Here is my Easter mani. What did you wear on your nails? We would love to see!! You can share here or you can share on our facebook page here!!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hoppy Easter!


I know Easter is tomorrow, but I am doing my post today!

Today me and my kids and my sister in law and my nephew all went to SVSU (Saginaw Valley State University) for the Easter egg helicopter drop that a local church had there! They had bounce houses, a guy making balloon animals, free drinks, and they sectioned off 3 different areas, filled them with plastic eggs, and then had a helicopter fly above them and drop more, it was pretty awesome. Well it was awesome besides the fact that the helicopter blew everything around and made it super cold and was very loud. I don't think I would have taken Elijah (my 1 year old) if I would have been there before to see what it was like. He cried the entire time the helicopter was above dropping eggs because it was so loud and cold. Zeke loved it, but was scared and hid behind me and watched. lol Then when we were done with that my sister in law said that if we hurried we could make it to the court house's egg hunt. So we went to that also, and we got to see the Easter bunny and the Easter statues that they have every year. Finished off with McDonalds and playin in the playplace for lunch. We had a great day!

I had fun doing this mani even though it turned out a lil sloppy. I got to use some new polishes, and try some things out with my nail art duos. I barely use them, and I wanna start using them more. However, when I did this mani, I broke the white and need to get a new one.

Started out by doing 2 coats of each Wet N Wild Megalast, also the Sinful Colors. Then I did 1 coat of the Color Club holo on my accent nail for the sky. I used the Art Club white pen part of it to paint the dots and zig zags. Then I used the Color Club yellow for the chick. Just did a round tipped triangle shape and finished it off with a beak with the LA Colors and eyes with the Art Club black. I had lots of fun doing this mani because like I said, I rarely do nail art and I have been really wanting to!


Colors/brands used:

Also, thought I would share some pics from our adventures today! Hope everyone has a fantastic Easter and that you all enjoy your time with your families! My hubby had to work, but I get to be with other family and of course my favorite lil men!

You can kinda see the eggs dropping!

Zeke was hiding behind me, but still loved the Helicopter! This is his "WOW, AWESOME!" face. lol

My nephew Michael John, my son Elijah, and my son Ezekial at the courthouse after collecting eggs.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heavenly Angel PeaceKeeper

Hi there :)

A few months ago, maybe sometime around Christmas, Hubby and I were at the grocery store by our house. I never can go there without looking at the makeup – honestly, because they usually have good wet n wild sales so I stock up on eyeliner and mascara lolol- as I was looking around I noticed some nail polish I have never seen before called Peace Keeper, and they were on sale from 7.99 to 5.99. Noticing they were cruelty free and vegan, I decided to buy one.

 It wasn’t until I used it to paint my nails that I noticed they are polishes for a good cause! Now I feel a little bad that I bought it on sale but I am glad I did too because I really love this polish, and I would totally buy them again! On the website they are the same price they were selling for in the store regularly, with free shipping over $25. They don’t have a huge selection of polish but they do offer other cause-metics! “PeaceKeeper cause-metics is the first line to give donations to humans rights issues for women that live in poverty or servitude.”

The color I chose was Paint Me Soulful- it is a gorgeous deep blue with a slight shimmer. I really love this color on my nails and I loved the application. It lasted a whole day in my gloves at work which I always love. 

To top off the blue I used Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez collection Heavenly Angel. It is a fleck glitter. I've never used a fleck glitter before that I can recall. I really liked the way these looked together. Taking it off on the other hand was weird. The flecks got kind of like soft and on a few fingers I still have some around my cuticle area that I can't get off. I'd love to try this on another color and see how it looks!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy! 


Monday, March 25, 2013

Just Ducky!

Hi there :)

Happy spring! So far we have had a pretty crazy snowey and cold spring. So over this stuff, but glad its not like 100 degrees already like last year!

Growing up my brother and I watched movies all the time! One of our favorites was Land Before Time. I love dinosaurs! I always have. When we used to play outside we would pretend we were archeologists and find 'fossils' lol.


On Valentines Day I won a custom nail polish from LynBDesigns- later on about a week or so I was on etsy looking at nail polish and I was looking at her page and noticed she was having a Land Before Time sale I was like uhm omg !!!!!!!!!! So I decided if instead of getting Julep I could get some of these instead. Yes. Yayyy!!  Sweet!

So. I picked out a few mini's- ducky, cera, sassy snowpants, and let's get mawwied. The big one on the end is my custom polish!

 All the St. Patrick's Day mani's really inspired me to want to do another quick themed mani before I went to work. I decided to use Ducky as a base color. I really love this green. I don't really have a lot of greens. It's not a color that I really think to buy a lot of, which is really a shame. I'm glad I went with this color. I love that it is light but its bright! This is two coats. I liked it just fine with two coats but I bet three coats would look really nice!

I decided to just do some quick dots on top with a dark green that I made.  I really like this dark green too. I was really pleased with this whole mani for being so quick and so easy :D

I wanted to post this earlier as 'inspiration' but I only got to post it to the facebook page! I really liked these nails. Don't forget to check out our facebook page and check out all the submissions for our St. Patrick's Day nail art giveaway! They are all really amazing!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm a Barbie girl

So recently I entered a giveaway for three Zoya's from Noshke's Nail Art Stamping. First she had picked a winner and that person didn't claim their prize. So she picked another winner and they didn't claim their prize either. So I won because two people didn't claim the prize!! I got lucky and was super excited!

I wanted to do a manicure showing all the colors that I won, so I came up with this. It makes me feel like Barbie. I feel that if Barbie was a real person, she would wear this on her nails. They are all really pretty colors. Starting from left to right I used the following: L.A. Colors Superstrength Nail Builder for my base and top coat. Then I used Zoya Blyss, Zoya Hayden, and then Zoya Luna. Blyss has a nice violet hue mixed with it. Hayden also has a slight violet hue with a shimmery glitter in it, but its almost hard to see. Luna is like a greyish white polish with lots of glitter. There are two colors of glitter in it I think. A bright silver and a darker silver is what it looks like to me. I think they're all pretty great together!

Thank you Noshke's Nail Art Stamping for such a pretty prize and thank you everyone for reading! Hope you like my nails!


(Without flash, just a lamp)

(With flash)

Doing this post got Barbie Girl by Aqua stuck in my head, so I am going to share it with you all and get it stuck in your heads too! hehe

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Union Jack Black & Chunky Holo Black

Hi there :)

I really like butter LONDON nail polish but the price.... not so much. I was searching ebay and got really lucky and found this color for like 6$ plus shipping. This is Union Jack Black and it is a really nice dark black. I like it a lot but honestly wet n wild black crémé would do me just fine if I hadn't found this for so cheap.

 I covered it with an amazing holo top coat. Black chunky holo from Klean Color. I only have a few colors by Klean Color but they are really amazing! I really would like some more colors from them. They don't sell them around here that I've seen I've gotten all the ones I have online.  I have 2 glitter and I honestly think they are some of the best! Super glittery and lasts!I really LOVED this combo. I got quite a few compliments on them even through my gloves at work! I have a lot of pictures so you can really see how awesome it is!

Isn't is gorgeous? Another polish set I couldn't stop looking at!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Monday, March 18, 2013

OPI- Mariah Carey liquid sand Can't Let Go

Hi there :)

I am sure by now everyone is probably getting tired of seeing the Mariah Carey liquid sand collection, but I am just now jumping on the bandwagon! When I first heard of the liquid sand deal I really was not sure how I felt about it... How weird.. How hard would it be to get off?! Probably impossible. Would it feel weird going on? I just had a lot of weird issues with it.
I couldn’t decide what color I wanted to paint my nails so I had Hubby pick. He picked Can’t let go from the Mariah Carey collection. I was a little hesitant. I really just wasn’t sure if I was ready to go there just yet. But he said he wasn’t going to pick another color so I went with it.. I actually really liked it. I was surprised! It didn’t feel weird going on, it wasn’t really super difficult to get off. It was really weird in my gloves. By the time I got off work what polish was left on my nails, the sand was like bleached almost.

I didn't use any top coat because it said not to. I have seen pictures with and without. I like the way it looks much better without top coat. 

Have you tried any liquid sand polishes yet? Do you want to try them? How do you feel about them?

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy! 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh Halo Yea!

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Omg, I'm totally in love.

Last Tuesday I went to Meijer and my friend and I happened to walk into the beauty section. I looked over and noticed they had a color club rack over by where we were and I was so excited because they have never had Color Club before. Well they have never had full size bottles of polish, but they have the nail art bottles and the nail art duo pens. Anyways, I was bent down looking at the glittery colors they had, they were bright colors. Totally didn't even notice until I got up to walk away that they had the entire Halo Hues collection!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! You guys have no idea how bad I have been wanting that collection! I was only able to buy two at the time, but I can't wait to go back and get the rest because this stuff is seriously AMAZING!! 

I wanted to do another St. Patty's day theme and also try out the gems that I got on clearance! I am totally impressed with both the holo polish and the gems. I used Color Club Harp On It for all my nails except for the accent nail which I used Color Club, but I don't know the name because it literally says "no name" on the label. lol Then for the gems I used Fingrs Flirt Nail & Body Jewels.

Being a mom of two crazy lil boys, I usually have chipped nails the day after painting them. I painted my nails late Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. The green on my left ring finger fell off partially last night (Thursday) and today (Friday) I have a lil peeled off on my pointer finger on my right hand. That hand is usually the first to chip seeing as I'm right handed. The gems all stayed on really long too. I have been showering, bathing my kids, changing their diapers, playing, washing a few dishes, I am also an obsessive hand washer, so washing and drying all the time. I have been playing with the gems with my other fingers too. I couldn't believe how well they stayed on! I was sure they would have been gone the next morning when I woke up because of the way I sleep. I pull the blankets up to my face and put my hands under my pillows, but here we are Friday and they're still there, minus the one that peeled off when the polish peeled off. Well, technically one did try to peel off, but I pushed it back down and its been staying on pretty good. haha I have never had polish last this long before with all the things I do, its always chipping.

Ok, well hope you guys like my post! Have a great weekend! 


Ps. Enjoy some different photos of it. First couple are with a flash, last couple are in the sun. Pardon my fingers. I have a habit of picking at them when they get dry, which happens often.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy St. Patricks!

Hi there!

Happy St. Patricks! I love St. Patricks. It is like my 3rd favorite holiday.  I hope everyone has My family is Irish and every year we all have dinner at my Grandmas and she makes corned beef and cabbage and it's like the only holiday I even eat meat. It is a great time really. Just to have my family together to laugh and be crazy and eat. This year we wont because my Grandma is in Az. :( I miss her so much.

Have you entered the St. Patricks nail art giveaway? Leah had a good idea to do our nails for inspiration and I had a lot of fun doing them! I hope you will enter.. We can't wait to see what you have for us! You can check out facebook for  both of our inspiration nail art. Here is the info on how to enter and the rules. Good luck everyone!

Here is my art.

Please excuse my grossly dry hands. I can't wait for winter to be over it is a never ending battle to keep them not cracking and dry!

I used my own green creation for the base. I have a few greens but I didn't love any for this idea, for the gold I used Orly Luxe, for the accent, clover and st. patty words I used Milani 3-D holographic Hi-Tech, for the black pot I used wet n wild black crémé, for the gold I used Orly Luxe & Wet n Wild Fergie collection Glamorous, For the rainbow I used Wet n Wild red red,, Orly high on hope for the blue/indigo and my green.

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspires you to enter!


                                                        This commercial is so funny!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Complicated, I'm Green with Envy

Hi there :)

A few weeks ago Sally's was having a clearance sale and at the same time they were also giving away an Orly nail polish with any $3 purchase. It was a pretty cool deal. I got there at like the end of the sale so they didn't have many colors to choose from but I did get a pretty color. It's a teal-y color  called Green with Envy. To me it's not the kind of green that I would think of when I hear the saying green with envy.

I really didn't love the application of the polish. It went on super thin. I know it is a light color but this is three coats and it is still kind of see through. I didn't love the way it coated on my nails either. I did however absolutely love love love this color.

I added a layer of glitter over it and I feel even more in love. I used Pure Ice- It's Complicated. This is one of their new 29 colors! I was really pleased with the way it looked when I was finished. When I tried to take the glitter off it was really hard. I haven't had such a hard time with removing glitter in a while!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Spring!

Spring is starting soon, so I decided to do a cute spring look. Its been snowing on and off here. I live in Michigan so its been snowing and cold one day, then the next its almost 50 and sunny as hell! lol Darn bipolar Michigan weather. Yesterday was 46 and felt great out. I don't know what the weather was like today cuz I was being a hermit. haha. Anyways, decided to try a few new things with this mani! There is a place in my mall called Glitter. I don't know if this store has lots of locations because I have a hard time finding things about it, but the store is awesome. They have racks upon racks of accessories, makeup, jewelry, etc and its all only $1!! Its like a dollar store for girls! They have purses and belts and some other things too, but that stuff isn't $1. It is still decently priced. Sadly, some of their products aren't cruelty free. I bought some nail art stickers to try and they're really awesome and such a great deal! They had a ton of different styles to choose from too. The nail stickers were super easy to put on too. I just peeled them off, placed them were I wanted them, then put a top coat over top to help seal them.

Payless Shoe Store also had some new polishes and other things. I bought a few and used one in this mani. It goes on pretty good and they had lots of good colors to try. For this manicure I used Sage Stilletto. The brand name on the bottle is S.X.Y. by Unforgettable Moments.

I also tried a few of the new Flower polishes from Drew Barrymore's line. For this manicure I used May Flowers, What's The Daffodilly-O?, and I Lavendare You! Some went on awesome with 1 coat, others needed a few.

Next I tried a new one from the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection. I used Unicorn. It went on ok. Needs a few coats. Used L.A. Colors Super Strength Nail Builder for a base and top coat.

Together I think they all look cute and springy! The flowers added the perfect touch.

(Without flash)

(With flash)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Happy Spring!
xoxo Leah

Thursday, March 7, 2013

St. Baldricks

Hi there :)

About a week or so ago, my friend Amanda held an event at our town expo called "Wauconda Community Shave" it was to raise money and awareness for St. Baldricks Foundation: a foundation to help cure kid cancer. It really is an amazing organization! At the event so many awesome people shaved their heads to stand with children with cancer, and surprisingly most of them were girls/woman! It was truly heart warming and I had tears in my eyes almost the whole time I was there! Amanda and her mom even shaved their heads! I was going to shave my head but I wouldn't have been able to donate it, and I feel like that would be a waste. Just last year I cut my hair to donate it so I told Amanda maybe we could all do it next year so I would be able to donate it! If you are interested in checking out photos of the event or information on St. Baldricks, click on the links here and here.

I did some nail art on my nails in support! I also painted her nails too! Check them out :) I use Pure Ice- Free Spirit on all my nails except the accent nail I used LA Colors- Energy Source. 

On my accent nail I drew the St. Baldricks logo. I am no artist but I think its pretty close!

I drew little faces on my middle and ring finger with Julep Hayden.

I used Pure Ice- Free Spirit for the eyes, Wet n Wild Red Red for the lips & Black Créme and little rhinestones on my pinkie.

I really really enjoyed this nail art! I spent a lot of time on it and put in a lot of hard work! I didn't get to wear this to the event because I had to work and it didn't last that long. I really wish I would have planned better to be able to wear them to the event. Here is a photo of Amanda's nails that I did on her. I didn't get to do so much detail on her's because I did it right before I went to work. I also wish I would have planned better to do the nail art on her nails too, but I think they are still nice!

Here is a photo of Amanda and her Mom Before & After!

Thank you for reading! I really hope you enjoy this post!