Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nail Fail

Hello beautiful!

So last night I was painting my nails for my post today............ It was a big disappointment. lol I was inspired by two different posts I seen in Lacquer Lane, a new group I am in. Formerly The Polish Swap and Nail Polish Lovers International. They merged. Anyways, Kellie, one of the admins, and friend of mine, had posted a bunch of things in there for inspiration. There were a few I liked, but one in particular that inspired me. A few days later I seen that a girl named Jennifer D. had done the same mani so I was like really inspired to do it. It was a butterfly wing mani. 

I just got those I <3 Nail Art pens from Sally Hansen, so I was like I can use the black one for this! Well it didn't work so well. I don't have patience for one, so I smudged a bunch of it, plus I shouldn't have used the nail art pen to do the tips. So I gave up after trying on two nails and decided to try other designs. I screwed up the whole mani and it looked terrible. Btw, I used the Color Club Take Wing collection for the base, minus Metamorphosis. I used Wing Fling, Sparkle & Soar, Sky High, Fly With Me, and Daisy Does It.

I guess in these pics, the butterfly wings don't look all that bad, but in person, they were horrendous! They were all lumpy and messy!

Then I thought, what if I add a glitter top coat, maybe it will hide some of the mistakes. Well the glitter I used was too thick and covered the whole design. haha So I decided to scrap the whole mani and try something else. That turned out to be a bad idea too.

This is also another one I was inspired to do, also from a post Kellie did on the Lacquer Lane page. I wanted to do some red nails with cheetah spots on them. I had never tried cheetah spots, so I thought it might be easy with the nail art pen also.... Nope, I didn't know what I was doing when I was putting the spots on, the gold glitter I was using was the wrong gold to be using because it was going on thick and getting everywhere. Then I kept getting the black from the nail art pen on the sides of my fingers and tried to wipe it and ended up just smudging it everywhere. lol It looks like a 5 year old did my nails. haha I used Red Red by Wet n Wild for the base and Gold Dust Woman for the gold glitter from My Stash Lacquer. Which btw, is an awesome polish on its own. So after a second nail fail, I decided to just stick with a solid color.

I decided that I was going to use a color I hadn't used yet, so I used Precious by LA Girl from the Pop Icon line. Its such a pretty color. I don't know if it had anything to do with taking off and putting on all that polish in a short period of time, or if its just a crappy formula, but it went on really streaky and then dried with a weird texture. I don't think its meant to be textured, but if it is, it didn't texture the entire nail, only patches. After this, I just gave up and left the pink on. haha I will probably try again tonight to see what I can come up with. 

I hate it when I have bad nail days. I also wish I was better at nail art. Doesn't help that I am shaky. lol Hope you guys enjoyed laughing at my fails! Have a great week! xoLeah

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