Monday, December 3, 2012

Short Fake Christmas...

Ok, so I've had these fake nails on for awhile and they're pretty grown out. Been wanting to take them off, but the only way I have found that is fastest is to bite them off. Since my nails are so thin and fragile, I wasn't wanting to do that this time. Instead I cut them off and filed them so that they aren't sharp and am going to try to just grow them off. If that makes any sense. lol I really really don't wanna rip them off. Before I clipped them off, most of them were the same length as, or very close to the actual length of my nail underneath. So I knew if I would have ripped them off, it would have hurt like a bitch! So here is what they look like naked.

Not too bad, they're just real thick, its kinda annoying actually. I was thinking maybe I'll try to get them off with acetone soon, but for now they're staying like this. lol

Aaaaanyways, I wanted to do a Christmas theme, and also try out some of the stuff that I have that I have been telling you guys I would try. I decided to use two colors from the two gift idea packs I last blogged about here. Of course, I first used a base coat, then I used the sparkly red to start off with doing a two faced thumb nail. It wasn't as thick as I was hoping for this particular look, but still very pretty! Then I did the other side with the green from the Sally Hansen pack. The Lickety-Split Lime is the color I used. It went on very thick and dried pretty quick. Here is a pic of my nails with the red from the Winter Wonderland pack before I took it off. 

Since I didn't like the thickness of the Winter Wonderland red for this particular look, I decided to go with 23a Ruby Jewels by Milani. It goes on really thick with 1 coat and is very red and sparkly. Perfect for a Christmas sparkle! Still went with the Lickety-Split Lime and then I wanted to add some of the glitter strips I bought at the Dollar Tree from this post. 

Since there weren't that much glitter strips to work with, I decided to only do my thumbs. I sprinkled it on the center line between the colors. This was my first time using these glitters and it was hard to work with. I didn't really know what I was doing with them though really. If you have any suggestions on how to work with these better, please leave me a comment!! 

It turned out a lil messy, but I still like it! I decided to finish off the rest of my nails a different way. I went with the Lickety-Split Lime as the main color, then used the Ruby Jewels and dotted my nails to look like bulbs. 

My friend Ariel was here being pesty, so while doing my nails I had my camera out and took her pic. I told her it was going on my blog, so here it is! Bahaha!

I will be doing more 'themed' nails I think until Christmas. I really liked Panacea's post about The Walking Dead, so I wanna try to do something along those lines, not just Christmas.

Hope everyone enjoyed my post! Thanks for reading!

xoxo Leah


  1. I am really proud of you 2 for sticking with this! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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