Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's dangerous to go alone, take this!

Long time no see! haha Ok, so I know I mentioned that I was back to blogging since my lil break from it, but Panacea and I have decided that we are probably not going to blog as much anymore due to the fact that not enough people actually read our blog. We will still be sharing pics with you guys on Instagram and our FB page, but for now, we're not really going to be blogging.

So for todays post, I want to show you guys The Legend Of Zelda collection from a brand that we've shown you before and LOVE. Marbles For Polish! She has some really great polishes!

I have never really been a fan of Legend of Zelda, but my husband is obsessed. He was excited to see that I had some polishes themed after his favorite video game from his childhood. The colors are called Trinity, Wisdom, Power, and Courage. All great names to represent the game from what I have heard about it. These are linear holos and they're GORGEOUS! The formula is great, they dry quickly with seche vite top coat. They have been holding up pretty well with the gloves I wear at work and have lasted pretty well with all the dishes I do at work. The polishes all look best with two coats, but if applied right could probably go with just one coat.

Power is a gorgeous black polish. I paired it with some white caviar and wore it to my 10 year class reunion! I got a few compliments on it, even though the caviar I used kinda sucked and I screwed it up. haha Heres with two coats, the caviar, and seche vite top coat.


Next is Trinity, a GORGEOUS gold polish. Usually golds, yellows, etc don't look very good on me, but I just loved this one so much so I didn't care if it did or not. I wore it for Halloween with my costume. I was Cleopatra for our Halloween party. Its such a pretty shade of gold. Here it is with seche vite top coat.

Heres a bonus pic of me in my costume, also my husband as a last minute Olaf. lol

Here is Wisdom, a beautiful lavendar color. I LOVE this color. This and Trinity are probably my faves from the collection. Here it is with seche vite top coat.

Lately we have courage, a beautiful green polish. Usually I am not that fond of greens on my nails either, but I really liked this too! I still have it on and its been on for 3 days of dishes and gloves at work. The formula is amazing. When I had all the colors on my nails I had it on for awhile too before it got too bad. Here it is with seche vite top coat.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you would like to buy any of these polishes or any of Marbles for Polish polishes you can do so by clicking HERE. You can also like her page on Facebook by clicking HERE.

If you don't already, please follow Panacea and I on Instagram so you can see all the polishes we try! You can find Panacea's page by clicking HERE. You can find my page by clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend! xoLeah


  1. I'm wearing Courage right now! I love it

  2. I love the color that you used as a base for this manicure ;)
    This nail art looks great <3
    Xx julia


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