Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi there :)

So it's the eve of New Years Eve(Its 11:30pm so its just about N.Y.E). I don't really party anymore, Hubby and I might have a glass of wine and kiss at Midnight. I work until 7 and he works until 11 so we will be home like right in time Midnight. So maybe just a kiss lol..

I did my nails in a half moon style. This is new to me but it sounded really interesting. I used Pure Ice- Purple Reign as my base.

Here is a picture with two coats, I probly could have used even three. But I figured since I was doing something on top it was fine.

For the top I wanted to use something super sparkley so I used Pure Ice - Five Some since I got a lot of compliments on it last time.

This is the last entry for the Nail Basel Challenge. It was very easy and fun to do and it looked really neat and different.

Have a SAFE and Happy New Years! Don't Drink and Drive! It is not worth it! Many taxi's will take you home for free and many local tow companies will pick you up and tow you home for FREE! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy.


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