Monday, December 10, 2012

Jack pottt!

Hi there :D

Usually I like to post on Tuesdays but I have to work tomorrow and I have energy to post this tonight and I'm watching Pretty Little Liars. Forever my friend Amanda always asks me if I watch it and I never have, so I've been catching it on netflix. I'm obsessed. Do you watch it ?! It's kind of an interesting show. Not to mention the girls always have neat nail polishes and designs on them! Such great fashion too. PLL is like a teen version of desperate housewives. I loved that show too. :D

I actually painted my nails the other day and took pictures but I was in the middle of procrastinating writing a paper for English and didn't have time to write the post.

I used Pure Ice - Jack pot - I love this pink and I love the way it looks on my nails. It went on really nice and it stayed on nicely.

  I was going to add a sweet glitter coat but I never got to it :/

 That is all for now, I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading!


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