Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dollar Store Awesomeness!

I am all about inexpensive nail polish that is good, so when Panacea told me about Dollar Tree having some good stuff, I had to check it out. And i'm glad I did!

I went in there thinking I was only going to see the L.A. Colors that Pan told me about, and that it was going to be some like ugly colors that nobody wants and that was it. I was happy to see that it was quite the opposite. They had all kinds of awesome colors! The best part is, L.A. Colors is cruelty free! Not to mention, Dollar Tree also had some other nail goodies which I was quite surprised about!

I have been wanting to try some of the glitters, foils, and beads because I have never tried them before, and when I seen that they had some I was so excited!! They aren't L.A. Colors, the brand is something I've never heard of called Donna Michelle Salon Basics. I tried to look up information about them online to see if they were a cruelty tree company as well, but I couldn't even find anything about them. I sent a message to Dollar Tree a few days ago, but I haven't gotten a response yet, but I will be sure to update everyone when I know. The gold glitter is by Diamond Cosmetics and I spoke to someone from their company and they assured me that all their products are cruelty free! How exciting!!

So anyways, I decided to just stick with a simple design that would go with my costume for our after Halloween party. I went as Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy. I wanted to do something flashy because it was a party. I decided to only use the Dollar Tree finds because the only colors I bought were glitters! lol

I started off by doing a thick coat of the Sassy Sparkle 652. It is very pretty and doing a thick coat of it seemed to work pretty good for being a clearish glitter. Usually you have to do a few coats to get it thick enough like I have it. Oh no wait, I lied, I started off with the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener. lol

Then I wanted to just stick with a simple design and used the Treasure Island 653 on the tips. Once again, a thick coat of that seemed to get the job done, but I did end up going over it one more time just to make the color stand out more.

Finished it off with a top coat of Super Dry by Diamond Cosmetics.

They both look really awesome and the glitter really pops when the light hits it. I admit, I was a little skeptical about getting dollar store polish because I have bought dollar store stuff before and it really wasn't great, but this stuff is awesome!

Since I wanted to keep it simple I didn't get a chance to try out the other nail art stuff I bought, but I plan to pretty soon since I went shopping with my mom yesterday and decided to get some acrylic nails put on! Next I want to work on some good brushes so I can try to learn to do things like this!! I don't normally like getting fake nails because I have thin nails and they really get bad when I take them off, but I was really wanting to have long nails to paint and do fun things with, so I will be trying out some stuff once I am over the nail art I have on now. Also, the nail people don't have any regard for sores and things on your fingers. I have a crack in my thumb from my skin being so dry (i'm slightly ocd about hand washing) and the lady dug her nail right into the crack. I almost punched her and almost started to cry.

Anyways, hope everyone enjoyed my blog, sorry it was so long and kinda on the boring side. I will try to make the next one more exciting! haha Thanks for reading! Have a great day!!


Here is a pic of me in my costume. Sadly, I got my acrylic nails put on before the party, so I didn't get to wear my awesome dollar store nails with my costume.

My husband was a Jager Bomber and I was Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy.

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  1. Wow! I'm going to the dollar tree, I hope they have that stuff too!!


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