Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Claus is comiiiiiing to town!

This year has FLEW by. I can't even believe that Christmas is already here and that my youngest son is already a whole year old! His birthday was Dec. 1st.

I was supposed to do this post a few days ago and I for some strange reason I thought I already did. I may possibly be losing my mind. haha I blame my children. Speaking of my children... These nails look bad, had to do them with a very low light. Could barely see what the heck I was doing. I broke my sons crib and he was sleeping in his porta crib in my living room, so all the lights were off except for the hall light.

 I kept seeing nails like these and have been wanting to do it on myself, I must say, I was a lil disappointed. I used a white polish that I have only used one other time and couldn't remember how well it worked. It didn't stay on long. Not even 2 whole days later it was already peeling off, and because it was over the red, it peeled that off partially too. Plus side though is that I will be attempting another Christmas inspired design tonight, possibly using some sweet nail art stuff that I got doing a secret santa event with one of the nail swap groups I'm in on facebook!

I finally decided to just tear off the rest of the acrylic left on my nails instead of growing it out long enough to just cut off. I was going to get some stuff to put on them to get it off, but I kept forgetting and started to chew on them and then decided to peel them off, so it was kinda spur of the moment. They actually didn't look too bad compared to how they normally are after fake nails. They were still really thin however. I only has 1 casualty, the pinky nail on my left hand. When I peeled off the acrylic, most of my nail went with it, so it's been a lil tender.

As you can probably tell in the first pic, my hands are pretty dry. This was mild compared to normal, but i've been trying to keep them not so dry. I used Satin Hands by Mary Kay. If you haven't ever tried it before, you should, its awesome! After doing Satin Hands, I used some Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener. This is the first time using it, so I don't really have any results to share about how good that works. It claims that after 4 days of using it that you start to see results, so I think after Christmas, I am going to give my nails a break for a few days and try it since they're so thin and messed up after the fake nails.

 For the red I used 23A Ruby Jewels by Milani. It's so Christmasy and sparkly and perfect for a Christmas nail.

For the trimming for my Santa inspired nails I used Nabi #8 White. I was disappointed because it didn't last long at all and was making the rest of my color peel off when it peeled off. But it did look good while I had it on! I think because I made it thick that may have had something to do with the peeling.

After doing the white trim, I added some more sparkle with the L.A. Colors Art Deco BNA502 Silver Glitter. Love this stuff. Its inexpensive and adds a nice touch.

I really would love to see what holiday inspired nails everyone has done! Please feel free to share pics with us! Hope everyone enjoyed this post!

 Kisses from Elijah!


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