Friday, December 14, 2012


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I'm done with school for the semester. I got A's! Holler! This past weekend my hubby took me to get an early Christmas gift because I've been super duper stressed lately. We went to check out Sally's but the 2 that I went to had 0 clearance nail polish so I didn't get any thing.... (I love nail polish, but I don't like spend so much money for it... So I like to look at clearance :) .. I really want to get the China Glaze Holiday set and also the Cirque Du Soleil set but I didn't see any of the colors that I really loved enough to spend the 2/$11. They were still having it today when I went so if you are interested, check out your local Sally's. 2/$11 really is not a bad price. so anyways, we were in a different town than we normally go to so we were just driving, looking around since everything has changed since the last time we were out there...  I was hoping I would find a Dollar Tree, when i did finally find one; there was an Ulta next to it. I really have only been in an Ulta one time and again I was hoping they would have some kind of clearance but they didn't but I saw that they had Zoya. I wanted to buy like 5 different ones, mostly the spakley new ones but I decided to go with Frida. When I was growing up I had a cat named Frida- we actually spelled her name Frieda- I decided to buy that one.

It's kind of a dark teal-y color and I think that it might be a jelly or something? It goes on very light. I used 3 coats and I was really happy with the 3 coats. The first and second coats were almost identical to me, when I put the third coat on it was a lot darker and almost exactly what I was expecting it to look like on my nails.

For the glitter I used Julep - Mila. I am so in love with this glitter. It's kind of like a New Years Eve party in a bottle. I think it looks beautiful with Frida. I am totally loving this style.

I got this Julep in a trade. I absolutely love this color and am so glad I was able to trade! I found a few really neat groups on facebook, with some really nice ladies in it. They are nail polish swapping groups. I had a few polishes that I never used and didn't want to just throw away and I had thought about selling them on ebay but that really is a lot more work than I was wanting to do. So I was talking to Hubby to see what he thought I should do and he mentioned seeing if there was a group maybe on facebook or somewhere else even. I looked on facebook and I was so pleased to find 3 really nice ones! I have been very pleasantly pleased so far with all of my trades. If you have some polishes that you are not wearing, you should check the groups out!

All American Nail Polish Swap  Nail Polish Swappers  A New Polish Swap Group  

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