Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

First I just want to say whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another holiday, I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and wonderful memories with your families!

Happy Holidays from us ladies at My Nail Polish Is Poppin'!

Alright, so down to business. My parents decided to take my kids for the night, so I got a chance to do my nails again!! WOO! 

 I recently participated in a secret Santa event with one of the Facebook nail polish swap groups I am in. The gift had to be between $5 and $15. My secret Santa sent me some supplies that she sells in her Etsy store which can be found HERE! I received a packet of Christmas colored glitter, some copper colored striping tape, some tiny gems, also some snowflake earrings! I had never tried striping tape before, so I was really excited to get it because I've been really wanting to try it! So today being Christmas Eve I wanted to do one more Christmas nail and try the striping tape out.

Started out with a base coat of clear, then used Sinful Colors: Show me the way. I thought because it looks so thick and dark in the bottle that it would go on that way. One coat and you could still see my nail, so I put a few coats.

After that I wanted to add sparkle because I'm obsessed with glitter. I think the ratio of solids to glitters in my collection of polishes is definitely in favor of the glitter. Anyways... I used Sinful Colors: Call you later. OMG its such a beautiful green glitter!

It's kinda hard to see in this picture. I wasn't sure how to use the striping tape, so I looked up a few different ways to use it. Decided to just lay it over top of glitter. I laid the strips in all different directions for each nail.  Then for the accent nail I wanted to do something different and originally had tried to the other striping tape technique I had discovered, but it didn't turn out so well. I tried to lay the tape down, then paint over it with red so the sparkly green showed thru, but I don't think I let things dry correctly, so I gave up on that idea.

For the accent nail I just decided to it with Milani's 23A Ruby Jewels. I keep using this color because I just love it so much. It's probably my favorite red glitter polish that I have. It goes on perfect and its just gorgeous! Finished off with a top coat to help seal in the strips.

Took this pic yesterday of my 3 year old. He has so much emotion, he cracks me up!

Hope that everyone enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful day!!


PS. Decided to do my toe nails too. Used Milani: 23A Ruby Jewels and Essie's Beyond Cozy! Thought they looked pretty awesome. Don't mind my ugly feet though! haha

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