Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stocking stuffer ideas!

Hey guys! Sorry I keep slackin on getting out posts from me. I surprisingly have been unmotivated lately. I am already sick of my fake nails too. Thinking about taking them off here soon. I was going to do a paint post tonight, but I just rocked my 1 year old to sleep and it made me tired, so I decided to talk to you about some sweet stocking stuff ideas for Christmas that I seen at Meijer!!

 Every year at Christmas time Meijer gets a really cool stocking stuff area in their Christmas section. Its just a whole aisle of little things that work as cool, cheap, lil stocking stuffers/gift ideas. I was browsing the area the other day while shopping and came across some really cute polishes and nail stuff. They had this Blue Cross Beauty Care Winter Wonderland Ornaments Holiday Glitter Collection and this Sally Hansen Happy Manicures Insta Dri pack. Each were only $4.99! The Winter Wonderland collection are almost full size bottles of polish, and the Sally Hansen ones are not too much smaller than that! What a deal! Not only did they have these, but they also had some really cute little snowman bottles of polish, cute packs of emery boards, cute packs of those lil toe separater things, manicure sets, etc... Among the other great non nail related gifts. I am definitely going back and scooping up some more stuff very soon!!

 This pic doesn't do them justice, they're all glitter polishes and they're all pretty sweet looking! They all seem to be thick one coat colors, but I haven't tried them yet, so I am not entirely sure. The pink and red are color and glitter. The 3 middle polishes are just clear polish with chunky glitters. I am going to do a separate post using the colors another time. I am not sure if this brand is cruelty free or not. I did try to call them and got no answer and couldn't find an email. I will try again to call and confirm it before I do the second post.

Ok, so these aren't really Christmas type colors, but look at how awesome they are! I am all for bright colors and I just couldn't pass this up, especially since they're insta dri! Fast drying nail polish is my friend. Its so hard to paint your nails when you have little kids running around all the time! 

 Don't have any stockings to stuff? Pick them up for yourself, grab them for coworkers, your kids teacher, little girls that you have to buy for. There really isn't that many people I know of that don't like nail polish.

Sorry to cut this kinda short, but I am falling asleep over here. haha I will be posting again soon, possibly tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

Hope you enjoyed my post! Merry Christmas!

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