Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hi there! :)

Tonight is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead :( I love that show so a lot.  Do you watch it?? If you don't, you really should! This season so far is really slow, but they did that last season kinda too. The first part of the season was slow and the next part was super wicked and awesome, so I totally am looking forward to this next part of the season!


So I thought that I would do the walking dead inspired nails. I didn't really know what else to do besides zombies. These zombies are the most glitzy and slow looking zombies I've ever seen lol.

Please keep in mind, I am not an artist!

 I started out with China Glaze- Argo. This is from the Hunger Games Collection! I got it at Sally's on clearance for like $1.50 or something! I thought a dark kind of green would be the best color I had that would do well. I really love this color, but the application was not at all what I was expecting. It went on kind of really thick and gooped up really quick and I just couldn't get a super smooth application.

For the eyes I used OPI- Excuse Moi! from the Muppet Collection. OPI is a cruelty free brand according to the Peta list. I don't own many because they are kind of expensive but I love this color!  It only took one dab of the polish and I thought it looked dark and noticeable enough. (I couldn't get my fatso cat Jello to move out of the picture. She's super crazy. )

For the eyes and the mouth I used Wet n Wild- Wild Shine- Black Creme and Wet n Wild- Fergie Collection- Rock n Roll on top.

Like I said, I am no artist but I had a lot of fun doing this!  I don't know if they really even look like zombies, they look like really slow monsters.

Okay I am going to go and watch The Walking Dead with Hubby. Have a good night. I hope you enjoyed my nails!! Thanks for reading!


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