Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't go chasin' waterfalls!

I thought the song was appropriate for the mani I am going to show you in this post. lol Plus I just love that song, and TLC.

Anyways... so lately I have been looking for inspiration to do my nails because I just don't know what to do with them anymore and I get sick of just painting them and not doing anything cute to them. So I kept seeing lots of different ladies posting waterfall mani's and thought they were so cute and been wanting to try them, so I decided I would. I have been putting them off for awhile because I thought they would be hard to do. They're actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You can see on my thumb that I was just drawing lines from top to bottom and trying to make them perfect, but then I realized you just have to let the brush flow, like a waterfall.

I am sick of winter and all this snow we have been getting so I decided that I would do some bright summer colors. I used Kate by Julep for my base coat. This is not a very good white to just wear as a solid color, but works good for doing nail art over top of it. Then for the stripes I used the following: Neon Pink nail art duo pen by Art Club, Purple Rain by Art Club, Green Stem by Salon Perfect, Holo Silver nail art duo pen by Art Club, Lilac Hologram by Art Club.

This was my first attempt at doing waterfalls, and honestly I did my thumb first and had to stare at it for awhile and decide if I was going to continue or not. I didn't really like them, but I told myself maybe they'll look better once I do more. Once I did all my nails, but before I put the Lilac Hologram glitter on, I didn't like them and I was going to take it all off and start over with different colors. I thought, maybe it just needs a little sparkle. I added the glitter and LOVED them.

I got a lot of compliments on them so far too and I think they turned out pretty good! Hope you guys enjoyed my post and have a great week! xoLeah

Monday, January 27, 2014

Royal Botanical Gardens

Hi there!

Today I want to show you a color that I have been looking to add to my collection for like all my life lolol! I was at the Sephora by Hubby's work and he showed me the bin where all the Nail's Inc. colors were $5!! I was looking and I saw this color- Royal Botanical Gardens. I literally squee'd in the store when I saw it! And can I just tell you how much I LOVE the name! I love Botanical Gardens, whenever Hubby and I go somewhere new, we always try to check out their Botanical Gardens if they have one!

This is such a goooooorgeous light turquoise. Its amazing, I can't get over it. I am so lucky to get it, and for only $5! On the lid it says new trendy color. Its probly from last years line, but it definitely is a great color!

Here is two coats and a topcoat!

Love it! Sephora had tons of colors for $5 so if you get a chance to stop there. Check out the bin!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Peaceful Opposition

Hi there!

Today I want to show you a really unique color! Its called Peaceful Opposition from Orly.

Its a white/slightly grey base with black, grey and white glitters. Its crazy pretty! I got a few compliments on this! I actually really really loved this color! It went on really nicely and the glitters were abundant so I didn't have to search and dig. Definitely give it a good swirl to shake it up though.

It went on pretty thick but you will wanna do two coats! White base glitter polishes are hit or miss for me and I'm really glad this was a hit for me! It is very peaceful :D

Here it is with two coats and a top coat.

Isn't it so pretty? I really couldn't believe I enjoyed it so much!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bossy Mossy

Hi there!

I've always wanted to try the brand Bootie Babe since I heard of them. I love love love the bottles! They are so unique and so cute!

I got the color Bossy Mossy in my stocking ( can I just say everyone spoiled the heck out me this Christmas! Thank you xxxxoooooo ) and I was so excited when I opened it! I never thought I would own one of these super cuties!

This color is such a beautiful lime green. Its super glossy and applies with one coat but it was a little streaky near the base, so I did two!  I don't have a lot of green polishes but I am very happy that I have this beautiful color in my collection!

Here it is with two coats and a topcoat.

Isn't that bottle just so friggin cute?!?!? I can't even contain it!

There are no non bottle pictures because every time I tried to take a picture, I kept smudging my thumb! EVERY TIME! No matter how long I waited. I repainted 4 different times before I finally gave up.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nail Fail

Hello beautiful!

So last night I was painting my nails for my post today............ It was a big disappointment. lol I was inspired by two different posts I seen in Lacquer Lane, a new group I am in. Formerly The Polish Swap and Nail Polish Lovers International. They merged. Anyways, Kellie, one of the admins, and friend of mine, had posted a bunch of things in there for inspiration. There were a few I liked, but one in particular that inspired me. A few days later I seen that a girl named Jennifer D. had done the same mani so I was like really inspired to do it. It was a butterfly wing mani. 

I just got those I <3 Nail Art pens from Sally Hansen, so I was like I can use the black one for this! Well it didn't work so well. I don't have patience for one, so I smudged a bunch of it, plus I shouldn't have used the nail art pen to do the tips. So I gave up after trying on two nails and decided to try other designs. I screwed up the whole mani and it looked terrible. Btw, I used the Color Club Take Wing collection for the base, minus Metamorphosis. I used Wing Fling, Sparkle & Soar, Sky High, Fly With Me, and Daisy Does It.

I guess in these pics, the butterfly wings don't look all that bad, but in person, they were horrendous! They were all lumpy and messy!

Then I thought, what if I add a glitter top coat, maybe it will hide some of the mistakes. Well the glitter I used was too thick and covered the whole design. haha So I decided to scrap the whole mani and try something else. That turned out to be a bad idea too.

This is also another one I was inspired to do, also from a post Kellie did on the Lacquer Lane page. I wanted to do some red nails with cheetah spots on them. I had never tried cheetah spots, so I thought it might be easy with the nail art pen also.... Nope, I didn't know what I was doing when I was putting the spots on, the gold glitter I was using was the wrong gold to be using because it was going on thick and getting everywhere. Then I kept getting the black from the nail art pen on the sides of my fingers and tried to wipe it and ended up just smudging it everywhere. lol It looks like a 5 year old did my nails. haha I used Red Red by Wet n Wild for the base and Gold Dust Woman for the gold glitter from My Stash Lacquer. Which btw, is an awesome polish on its own. So after a second nail fail, I decided to just stick with a solid color.

I decided that I was going to use a color I hadn't used yet, so I used Precious by LA Girl from the Pop Icon line. Its such a pretty color. I don't know if it had anything to do with taking off and putting on all that polish in a short period of time, or if its just a crappy formula, but it went on really streaky and then dried with a weird texture. I don't think its meant to be textured, but if it is, it didn't texture the entire nail, only patches. After this, I just gave up and left the pink on. haha I will probably try again tonight to see what I can come up with. 

I hate it when I have bad nail days. I also wish I was better at nail art. Doesn't help that I am shaky. lol Hope you guys enjoyed laughing at my fails! Have a great week! xoLeah

Monday, January 20, 2014


Hi there!

For Christmas my friend Hogan got me the Zoya matte collection. I was so excited! I think I've had the purple on my toes since I got them lolol. I want to show you the black matte today. Its called Dovima and seriously what a gorgeous name for such a gorgeous color!

It goes on pretty thick with one coat but two coat definitely brings out the gorgeousness of this color!  Its matte ( obviously ) but it is sparkley in some lights. Very pretty.

Here it is with two coats no topcoat.

 I was so excited to get this for Christmas and I was really not disappointed with this collection! Its so gorgeous!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hi there!

About a month or so ago I was at TJ Maxx near hubbys work and I saw a pack of LA Colors that I've never seen before. They were really pretty metallics. The set was $5.99 and I never really see LA Colors like this anywhere so I just really couldn't pass it up!

I was looking through my colors the other day and I saw this one and I was like ooh. I love it. I have to do a little googling to find out the color because the color wasn't on the side of the bottle. The color is infrared. Its not really red, its more pink. Shiny metallic-y pink. It's a little prettier even than I was expecting.

One coat of this polish is very light, you definitely need two coats, maybe even three.

Here it is with two thick coats and a topcoat.

 Isn't it so pretty? I know I say that a lot, but if it wasn't gorgeous I wouldn't blog it! Right?  I'm so glad I tried this color!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Super excited to show you guys this mani. Its one of my top faves that I did and I get to also show you two of my new favorite things!

I went to T.J. Maxx for the first time the other day to see what kind of polishes they had. I didn't even know they sold polishes there until I had received some from one of my buddies with a T.J. Maxx price tag on it. So I went in there and they didn't really have a lot to choose from that I was interested in. They did have a TON of Essie's though in pretty colors for $4 something. Good deal. Anyways, so I did find this cute lil "Perfect Duo" box from Orly. It had Rock-It and Face of Destiny in it. Rock-It is the darker color and Face of Destiny is the salmon color. I got this duo for $5.99! Rock-It is what sold me, this is probably my new favorite nail polish color. I LOVE THIS COLOR!!! Face of Destiny is pretty too, but I am not like super in love with it. There could have been a super ugly color in this duo pack and I would have still gotten it because of Rock-It. lol

I don't have many Orly's, not including these two, I think I have 3 or 4. I haven't really used them much yet either, so this was really my first time using Orly for a full mani. I don't like the brushes, they're real skinny, I hate skinny brushes. Otherwise though its a nice formula and goes on smoothly.

Next I am gonna show you these awesome new Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art pens!! They're so awesome, compared to trying to use a dotting tool, or the nail art duo pens from Art Club. I love them so much and I want every color now. I have white and black. I will be showing you the white in this post. They're like paint pens. They are so much easier to use to do nail art. I haven't gotten used to applying them yet, so in this mani they're kinda dotty and messy, but I still love it! I mean seriously, this stuff is so easy and so quick to do and dries so fast that I did BOTH hands AND my kids were even awake when I did them. CRAZY! haha Another thing I loved was that the white didn't bleed. All the other white nail art polishes I have the colors always seem to bleed and take forever to dry.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post! Have a great week! xoLeah

Here are some other pics... First is my left hand:

No top coat without flash

Top coat with flash

Top coat with flash

Top coat without flash

With flash

Without flash

Here is my right hand. I even did nail art on this hand! This is a rare occasion! lol I did the colors opposite on this hand so you could see Rock-It more.

Top coat and no flash

Top coat and flash

Without flash

With flash