Tuesday, April 1, 2014


So I have been wanting to have my husband do my nails for awhile, but kept putting it off. Then I was on Reddit one day in one of the polish groups I am in called Polish Gauntlet and they had a scavenger hunt style contest going on where one of the things you had to do for it was have your significant other put makeup on you. I don't really wear makeup much these days, so I asked if I could have him do my nails with nail art and they agreed.

When I was thinking about him doing my nails, I really had the expectation that it would be really good and some awesome nail art better than I could do. He has done art in college and high school and he can draw pretty good too, so I thought it would be awesome.

First he started doing my nails just trying to lay down a base coat of Almost Famous from Color Club and was having such a hard time that I knew it was going to go nowhere near as I had thought in my head. lol He ended up starting over.

So then he decided to go with Chelsea Girl from Color Club. Took him awhile to do a base coat. He kept getting so frustrated and saying how hard this actually is to do. He thought it would be easy too. So after much frustration and almost giving up he decided to just do something simple, which for him was actually still even difficult.

So he ended up doing a base coat of Chelsea Girl from Color Club and stripes of Almost Famous from Color Club. He only did one hand too because of the difficulty. It took him about an hour to do it. lol He was having a hard time getting his paint job opaque.

Thinking about what design he was going to do over the blue.

Creepin! This was his base coat of Chelsea Girl.

Without top coat and before cleanup.

With top coat before cleanup.

With top coat.

With top coat.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great week! I am going to visit Panacea tomorrow and I am so excited to see her!! Besides our little day visit a week ago, I haven't seen her in almost 3 years!! So spending almost a week with her is going to be so much fun! We have some fun things planned for the blog! xoLeah

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