Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My dog Fiona

Hi there :)

I have a nail post for you but, I'd really like you to meet my dog!! Her name is Fiona and I love her SO much! About 2 1/2 years ago Hubby and I wanted to start a family but we weren't in a place to be able to and we weren't ready.. We still aren't.. He said to me he would like a dog.. Growing up my family always had cats and even since Toby and I have been married- we have 5 rescue fat cats. I never really wanted a dog (even when I told my facebook friends that I got a dog, they couldn’t believe that I had gotten a dog!) But I thought about it a little and I decided that maybe a dog would be ok, but it would have to be a rescue.. So he looked, we went to a few shelters and then he found Fortunate Lab Rescue a shelter that saves dogs from being used in test experiments…  When Toby told me about this place I said “There is still testing on animals?” Surprisingly there are a lot of companies that still do.. I thought for sure with all the technology and stuff that we have now-a-days that was for sure a thing of the past…

 He pulled some dogs up to look and we found Bella (Now Fiona). She is a German Shepherd and she is a big fat baby :D. When we went to the place to actually look at the dogs we looked at a few and one of them was SO obnoxious and the other one peed right there on the floor in front of me…. If I had a bigger home with a yard, I would have adopted all those babies but we decided to adopt Fiona for now. Adjusting to a dog was weird, and a lot of times at first I would forget we even had her! I have grown to love her so so much, I can't imagine my life without a dog and she has changed something in me. I’ve always been compassionate and especially toward animals but when we got her I feel like I really realized my passion and purpose in life- to help animals. I love animals- more than most humans… I would love to have another dog!! Toby and I have decided when we move we will buy a large house with a large yard so that we can have more… I don’t even know if there is another dog in this world that is as good as Fiona but I'm willing to find out. For a first dog, I could not have asked for a better dog! That is a lot to live up to lolol. When I look at her, I just cannot believe that someone would want to test on or hurt her or that someone could test on or hurt any animal.. For me it was easy to make the choice to become cruelty free. In my home we don’t buy products that have been tested on animals.. A lot of times the things are the same price as a non cruelty free product, I just have to take a little longer to do the research to find out if the Company is cruelty free or not. You can order a free guide from peta, here.  I’m still waiting for mines, I ordered it about 2 months ago, maybe a little less but it is estimated 10 weeks to get so I will wait- that is what smart phones have google for! A word to companies that don't test- GO YOU! PLEASE know that you are amazing and if you are a cruelty free product show that shit off! Paste it on every product!

Thank you for reading about my dog Fiona. I will post my nail post in a little bit!


Fiona and Tude - Best Friends Forever

She LOVES snow!!
Fiona at my Mom's house
Fiona playing Pokemon

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