Monday, December 16, 2013

It's my Present!

Hi there!

Today I want to share with you a fabulous Holiday indie polish from Polish Yer Hooves!

Really quick I just really want to tell you how awesome her customer service is...

I was talking to Hubby about the recent Polish Yer Hooves holiday collection and how much I had wanted a few of them... I had told Leigh Anne that I was wanting to buy them, and hopefully would be able to when Hubby got paid... Well I had asked him, if I could buy a few of the polishes? But I am waiting for her to release the glitters. He got a kind of disappointed look on his face and I was like what?? And he was being a super sweetie and said he wanted to surprise me ( but I ruined it! Fail!! :'( ) and bought me some colors he thought were the ones that I had wanted. I felt like a SUPER jerk! Really bad... I messaged Leah Anne and explained the situation and why I hadn't placed an order and she told me I could pick the ones I wanted because she hadn't sent them out. I really didn't want to seem ungrateful because I was just so excited to get the polishes but I did change two of the colors.

The first color I want to show you that he got me is It's my Present! Its a super cute red/pink holographic polish. This is a perfect Holiday color. Sure to attract lots of attention! The color is beautiful and super sparkley! I wore this for quite a few days because I just didn't have the time to paint my nails and I just loved it!! It held up really well, very few chips or peels and I even got a few compliments!

Here it is with two coats and topcoat.

 So many sparkles! Even my Baby Girl had to squint cuz of all the sparkles lolol! If you don't have any Polish Yer Hooves in your collection yet, you really need to change that! Leigh Anne is so sweet and these polishes are seriously great quality!

You can find Polish Yer Hooves on Facebook and Etsy. She also has a ton of different smells to choose from!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


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  1. wow! Lovely color! I really need to try out some indie polishes!
    Oh, and that was so nice of your husband!

    1. Oh, you really do! I love them! Most I have tried are so great! They last! I have been wearing a lot of indies lately and made a switch back and noticed that indies just last so much longer!

    2. I've heard that so many don't like how BN wear. I wear Acrylic nails so it all (almost) wears the same on my nails. But my toe nails do show a difference. TMI? IDK...but I had It's My Present! on my toes and they didn't chip for over 3 weeks!! I love my polishes!!

      Damn! I'm Good! LOL!

  2. Absolutely love her polishes. Especially the zombie cow ones. hehehehe

    1. That was the very first one I purchased from her! I haven't tried it yet but I was thinking about it the other day!

  3. Indies rock!!! And of course I'm partial to Polish Yer Hooves cause Leigh Anne is such a sweetie and my bestie!

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