Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

I seen this on Facebook not too long ago and I love it because this is exactly how I feel about the whole situation with people being offended about people saying a certain greeting. Its just rude. You don't have to celebrate it, just respect that they celebrate something different and let them great you how they great people for their holiday. You wouldn't be offended if someone from another country told you hi in their language would you? Anyways, thats just how I feel. So happy holidays to everyone no matter what you celebrate!

 I really wanted to do a lot of Christmas mani's this year, but I have absolutely no Christmas spirit. My kids have been rotten. Even now being Christmas Eve they're screaming at each other and fighting over everything. Its mostly my oldest, he antagonizes his brother and gets him going. My youngest is such a good boy when his brother is at school, he's a different person when he comes home.

I have really been depressing on my last few posts, I am sorry... 

Ok, so here are my Christmas nails. I did two different ones. One on each hand. So the right hand is messy haha. I used mostly all Milani for both manis. Here is the first one:

I smudged the thumb a little, so please ignore that. lol

For that mani I used Nabi White underneath all the glitters. For the middle finger glitter I used NOPI Heavenly Angel. Then here are the Milani colors I used from thumb to pinky: Silver (glitter), Ruby Jewels, Green Glow, Gold (glitter). Green Glow was a very transparent polish. I had to put like 5 or 6 coats on. Its a very pretty color though. I should probably throw out this nabi white polish too cuz its so thick and goopy, its gross. Yet I keep using it for manis because I know right where its at instead of searching for my other whites. lol

For my next mani I used Milani Ruby Jewels, Nabi White, and NOPI Heavenly Angel.

Please ignore my dry skin. This was right after I got out of the shower and the shower dries me out!

I really love using Ruby Jewels for Christmas manis because its sparkly and red. I used it last year I believe too for my Christmas mani. Heavenly Angel is just so pretty and looks like sparkling snow flakes, I love it! I think this is the first time I've used that polish. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my post and have a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate!! Tonight my family and I are going to my parents to do our annual Christmas party. Everyone be safe! Merry Christmas! xoLeah

Merry Christmas from my family and I!

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