Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dance of the Sugar-Plums

Hi there!

I have another Polish Yer Hooves polish to show you today! The color is Dance of the Sugar-Plums. I honestly have no idea what a sugar plum or a sugar plum fairy is or what they have to do with Christmas.... There is always Sugar-Plum something at Christmas time lolol. I do know what a plum is. But those are summer fruits.

Ok, Onto the polish!

Dance of the Sugar-Plums is a purple polish with hints of blue undertone and a subtle holograhic. It was very light but it was still super gorgeous. I went with three coats for this one to make sure it was opaque enough. I love purple polishes and I really loved this color! I was thinking about adding one of the glitter toppers to it, but I decided against it. When I first applied it there were kind of like little glitter chunks in it. I removed it and shook it a little more and tried again and it was still a little bumpy but it didn't bother me. A coat of topcoat and it wasn't really bumpy anymore! I tried so many different angles, and lighting and even outside pictures and I could not get a super great picture of the holo. :'(.

Here it is with three coats and a topcoat.

 I loved this color. My friend Hogan kept asking me when I was going to wear it because she really couldn't wait to see it. She sqeed with excitement when she saw it. It really is so pretty! A really nice color to look at.

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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!



  1. gosh that's a beautiful shade! I have yet to try any holographic polishes and I feel like I'm really missing out

  2. Oh holographics are so great! I am a really big fan. they are so fun to look at!


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