Tuesday, September 2, 2014

*waves* Long time, no blog!

Hi there!

Hope you all are well. I've missed you all, and blogging so very much! Thank you for sticking by us while we figured out our personal lives. It really means a lot to us. I lost my way a bit in February, and I've just recently found my way back.. I did not know how to start this post. I feel so rusty. I wanted to share with you all why I have been absent so much lately. So I hope that I don't lose you before I get to the polishes. I apologize in advance, this will probly be pretty long! The polishes are on the bottom if you want to just skip to them! ;)

In Feb. I had a lot of car trouble. A LOT. I ended up losing my job because of it. I have never been fired from any job in my 10-11 years of working. I was devastated. I felt so useless. And I was so angry! I am still pretty angry with how everything went down. With all the trouble with my car I had to worry how I would get my hubby to work, and how I could get to school. I stopped painting my nails, except for the few colors I had been sent to review. I just had no desire. My parents helped me with my car so at least I was able to get hubby to and from work, and I could finish up my semester. On my very last day of class, I ended up adopting a dog from a lady I used to work with. We named him BOY because it was literally the only thing he answered to lolol. He was a wreck of a dog, and he tried and tested my patience, and seemed to know how to push every single one of my buttons to drive me absolutely crazy! He has taken a lot of work, time, and pateince, but I think we are finally making some progress! yayy!

Fast Forward to June, I was coming home from taking hubby to work, all of a sudden, all the lights on my dash go on, and the car just stops. There, in the middle of traffic.. And it wont start for nothing. I go to grab my phone, and I left my phone at home... Fuck. Great. Fantastic! It was like 830am, I was still in my pajamas, and I looked like a mess. I walked into the first store I saw that was open, and I tried to call my hubby to see if he could get a hold of my friend Amanda to pick me up since we were supposed to hang out that day. She finally finds me and we try to get my car to Auto Zone to have it tested. Nothing is showing up. Everything is fine it says.. ughhhh BRUNO MARS ( my cars name. Because I hate them both so very much!! ) WHY MUST YOU BE LIKE THIS?! We left my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot and she took me home to her house.. We didn't even get to watch Pretty Little Liars!! My car was out of commission for about a week and a half. While all this is going down, my Grandma offered me to come live with her in AZ.. She had offered a few times, but I was in school, and there were a lot of things we had to take care of so I just didn't know if it would work or if it would ever even happen. I mean, I have A LOT of animals, hubby has a job that he LOVES, there were a lot of things that needed to be taken care of. But I was so unhappy. we could not catch a break for anything. Hubby had talked to his boss to see if he could transfer, and it ended up getting him a promotion! Very awesome and exciting! So in a little over 3 weeks, I had to clean, get rid of, and pack 6+ years worth of stuff. That was tough. It took me about a week to pack my nail polish alone!

Aug. 3rd we packed up the truck and headed to Arizona... Since we have been here things have been pretty good. There are still things in IL. that we are taking care of, but we are finally out. I really needed this restart... And I would like to thank you all again for sticking by us while everything was going on in our personal lives. It really truly means the world to us.

So now for some polish! Since I've been here in Az., I have been wanting to blog again and paint my nails regularly. I am even thinking about going and getting my nail technician degree, until I can find a school that offers dietetic technician.

So, I have a few designs that I want to show you today. I have posted a few on my instagram, but not all of them yet!

My natural nails have also been looking really nice! They are not as brittle, peely, and just plain crappy. I still need a ridge filler, but I really am so proud of them. I have been trying to take really good care of them!
Just Kidding!
 The first one I want to show you is a fun nail art. I used the first couple colors that I unpacked and some nail tape. The base colors are butter LONDON Silly Billy and Cake-Hole. I placed some nail tape in different ways once those dried, and applied Union Jack Black on top. One of my very favorite blacks!

butter LONDON Silly Billy, Cake-Hole, Union Jack Black

Fun, right?! It was also really super easy! I may try to do a video tutorial some time!

I also used my dotting tools for the first time. On the first day we got here to AZ. Hubby had to run to the store to get a few things, I stayed home to unpack some stuff. When he came home he gave me  three wet n wilds from their new Ferris Wheel Collection. I had been so out of the loop, I did not even know Wet n Wild had a new collection!

I used Wheel Romance as my base color and used my dotting tool and did some little dots with spitfire and chambray showers. Topped with some northern lights for some glitter! I really loved this a lot. Very cute and easy!

spitfire, wheel romance, Chambray Showers

And I saved the best for last. This one was my very favorite mani that I have done in a long time. I found an idea for it on pinterest and did my own version of it. I did it for Hubby's bday. We went out to celebrate his bday and our Anniversary, because we didn't really get to do anything for our anniversary last month.

I used Zoya Dovima as my base and, Ulta Holographic on my thumb, Chaos & Crocodiles Color Wheel Chaos on my pointer, OPI In True Stefani Fashion on my middle, Wet n Wild Fergie Mermaid Curves on my ring finger, and OPI Pink Yet Lavender on my pinkie. I then used Julep matter top coat over the glitter! I really loved this. It was so easy and so pretty! I couldn't stop looking at it. I only wish I did glitter on my thumb, and not the holographic.

Zoya Dovima, Ulta Holographic, Chaos & Crocodiles Color Wheel Chaos, OPI In True Stefani Fashion, Wet n Wild Mermaid Curves, OPI Pink yet Lavender, julep top coat

I really hope that you love all of these! I will be posting about my trip to the Arizona Botanical Gardens next time! It was so cool and so much fun!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy my nail arts!



  1. So glad to hear your life is getting back in order! What a mess you went through. Sometimes I wish I had some other place to go, because things are just getting so bad here! I loved the last mani so much. I've missed reading your blog. :)

    1. Thank you so much Alicia! That means so much! I will forever be grateful for this opportunity! And when I get a home of my own, if you need a restart- you got it!


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