Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Honey Ryder

Hello ladies! This week I am showing you one that I got in a swap! A few weeks ago I did a swap with one of my friends that I met in the polish community, Alicia! The A-England, Saint George post I did a few weeks back is the polish she wanted of mine, so I traded her that, with some others for Honey Ryder by OPI along with some others.

Honey Ryder is from the liquid sand line. I have two other liquid sand polishes, and I did a post about one of them some time ago. I really love the liquid sand polishes, and textured polishes in general. This one is a gold color, of course, being from the OPI Bond Girls collection, there has to be gold! hehe

Anyway, this color is so pretty, its not an extremely metallic polish, goes on very smoothly. Its a good color for Christmas too I think. Looks good with or without a top coat, I chose to use a top coat, but took pictures of it with and without.

I say it was a good swap choice! I also got another textured polish when I did this swap, so I might be using that one soon, not sure yet because I want to do a few Christmas mani's and its not exactly a Christmas color. We'll see! You will see it eventually though! hehe

Without topcoat

Without topcoat

Without topcoat

All 3 above are with topcoat

Hope everyone is having a great week! Hope you enjoyed my post! xoLeah

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