Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shaken, Not Stirred by Leah

Omg I totally just realized something... I almost did this polish that I am about to show you called "Shaken, not stirred." by My-Stash Lacquer over top of Honey Ryder by OPI. Then I realized it probably wouldn't look right, but wouldn't that have been a funny name combo. Two 007 names. XD

Haha sorry, aaaanyways.... Last week for my mani I showed you Carnival by My-Stash Lacquer and I LOVED it. Panacea showed you one by the same brand too. These polishes are seriously so awesome. Her glitters are amazing. The base for these is like the perfect base, goes on so smooth, isn't drippy at all either.

This one, "Shaken, not stirred" is a sort of  iridescent, small glitter top coat. Dries with a matte finish. It also dried very fast! I tried it over two colors this week. I decided not to do it on a clear nail because the glitters are so small and stuff that I just feel nobody would really use it on just a naked nail. So I used it over Ulta Ruby Slipper on one hand, and Ebony Hates Chris on the other.

The sparkles look red, green, and gold to me. In the bottle it looks white.

Over Ruby Slipper it looks very Christmasy or nice for Thanksgiving even! Over Ebony Hates Chris it has a Halloween look! I am sure over other colors it will have different effects too, so fun!!

Hope you enjoyed my post, enjoy some lovely swatches. I forgot to put cuticle oil on for a couple pics, so ignore my dry fingers/cuticles. lol Winter hates my skin.

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Find her facebook page here!

Ruby Slipper by itself

Shaken, not stirred withOUT top coat over Ruby Slipper

Shaken, not stirred with top coat over Ruby Slipper

Ebony Hates Chris by itself

Shaken, not stirred over Ebony Hates Chris withOUT top coat

Shaken, not stirred over Ebony Hates Chris with top coat

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