Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cow are You?

Hi there!

Today I want to show you another polish from Polish Yer Hooves. It's called Cow are You? ( Isn't that so cute?! ) from the Star Grazers collection.

I was really excited to try this polish because: 1. Orange is my favorite color and 2. Its Holographic!! Who doesn't love that sparkley goodness? Aliens probly. lolol.

When I got this color it was a little lighter than I was expecting and not as orange- a little more nudey/apricot. But I was still pretty excited to try it. I did three coats but it's still pretty light. I think this would be a perfect color for someone who works in a business which doesn't allow any un natural color nail polish. Its a natural color and the holographic is pretty subtle so you still get the sparklies but you wont be too blingy.

The ladies at work thought I wasn't wearing any polish ( which really never happens ) and when I showed them they thought it was so cool that it looked nude but you could see sparkles!

Here is a picture of all the colors to choose from in the Star Grazers collection.

Let me show you the super cute packaging my mini's came in again really quick. Cute little bag with a little card, some nail confetti and some little cow confetti. Also there was a mini cowtail candy that I ate as soon as I saw it! :D

 Here is Cow are you with three Coats and one coat of top coat. I think three coats is necessary because its so light but you could probly get away with two coats too.

This picture is without flash. It looks mostly like this outside. It was neat. 

With flash. How it looked just about every where else.

The holographic was subtle but still noticeable. I really liked this color. I chose not to have this one scented. She still has a few smells that I really want to try!

 I have a few orange holographics and it amazes me how each one is so different!

You can find Polish Yer Hooves on Facebook and Etsy. Her polishes are about $9 each and don't forget she has tons of smells to choose from if you want to try something different! She is also selling hand painted polish bottles for the Holidays. They are $2 extra and they are SO cute!!! If you know a cow lover you should probly check them out!!! Here is a link the the bottle album so you can take a look.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


* This color was provided to me for my honest review *

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