Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ms. Bessie and Blue Moon

Recently I was introduced to a new indie brand, Polish Yer Hooves. Today I am going to show you two of her polishes from her Star Grazers collection. Here are all the polishes available in this collection.

The two I am going to talk about today are Ms. Bessie and Blue Moon. Look at the cute way she packaged it all and sent it to me. She gave me some little glitters too, and some cute lil cow shaped confetti, how adorable! 

Ok, so first I will start with Blue Moon. I totally forgot to take a picture with 1 coat of it, but it was very thin, you definitely need at least 2 coats. Such a light and pretty color with lots of holo glitter in it. Sparkles so nicely! The finish is textured slightly, its like a soft grit. Top coat smoothes it out nicely if you don't like the texture. I like it, so I used one coat of top coat and can still feel the grit! :D One of the things that Leigh Anne offers with every bottle is the option to have it scented. She has TONS of scents to choose from. For Blue Moon, I chose to go with Lilac for the scent since thats my favorite smell in life. I was a lil disappointed though because it doesn't smell like lilac to me. It doesn't smell bad, just doesn't smell as close to lilac as I thought it would. 

Blurry to show sparkle! :D

Now, I wanted to save my favorite for last. Ms. Bessie. My favorite color is red and pink. The texture is the same with this as with Blue Moon, and again, I don't mind it. Two coats is also recommended for this one, however, you could probably get away with 1 if you wanted it to be slightly see through, maybe if you used it as a top coat over another color. I also forgot to take a picture of one coat of this too. I was really excited for it to dry so I could smell it, thats why I kept forgetting 1st coat pics. lol Anyways, speaking of which, I did Fresh Cut Roses for the scent for this color and OMG. I CANNOT STOP SMELLING IT!!! Its dead on, smells perfect! I love it so much that I would be ok with every polish that I ever get in life to smell like this. lol This is my second favorite smell in life. SOOOOO GOOD!!! The next morning I woke up and the smell faded slightly, but still smells just as wonderful! 

(Without topcoat)

(With topcoat)

Blurry to show sparkle

Both polishes go on very smoothly, nothing I disliked about them aside from the scent of lilac, but that is optional, you can choose any scent for any polish. Make sure you check out her Facebook page HERE. Also, be sure to check out her shop HERE. 

Hope everyone enjoyed my post and has a great week! xoLeah


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