Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I am so excited that summer is finally getting here! This last couple days in Michigan have been slightly chilly, but I am just so glad all the snow and low temperatures are gone! We have had some other weather that I am not so excited about. Last week there were 4 tornadoes that were about an hour away from me. Scary stuff!

This weekend my family and I are going camping and I am so excited!!!!! I haven't been camping since before I got married and I have been married for 7 years this september. Thats a long time without camping, especially when my family used to go every summer, multiple times during the year.

So since we are doing this summer themed mani contest, Panacea and I wanted to have some mani pics of our own for inspiration! I also was asked to do a favorite season mani for a polish group I am in. Spring and summer are my favorites, but since I love summer colors better and needed a summer mani, I went with summer for it, that way I could use the same mani for both!

I had lots of fun doing this mani, but right before I did it I was having a really long anxiety attack. So I was still kinda shaky and stuff when I was doing it so its sloppy.

I got to use a bunch of new stuff too!! All of these are new summer polishes I picked up that I haven't got to use yet. I also used some of the nail art design rods I got. I forgot to take a picture though of them, so you can just see them on my nails. lol

Salon Perfect Haute Pink, Claires Flames, Salon Perfect Yowza Yellow, 
Ruby Wings Meadow, and Funky Fingers Power Play. 

Then for the little details I used these!
Art Club Black, Art Club Purple Rain, Art Club White, and Art Club Neon Pink.

All the colors hung on pretty good except for the Claires polish. It was peeling off the next day. The Ruby Wings is holding up the best! Plus it changes to a purple color in the sun, so thats awesome!!!

Thumb - Summer, pointer - bikini,  middle - martini, ring - fruit, pinky - beach towel.

So since I had an anxiety attack and it was like 1am when I did these, I totally forgot to take progression pics. So at least I remembered to take a final pic! haha I messed up the S and then tried to fix it and made it worse. I didnt want to start over, so yea.... haha 

Hope you guys enjoyed my mani! Have a great week everyone! xoLeah


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