Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Giveaway

Hi there!

Sorry for my lack of postings. If you follow us on Facebook, I posted that things have been really crazy, and I have had just no desire to paint my nails or anything.

My husband and I are moving across the country on Aug. 1 so this giveaway will just be a flate rate box full of nail polishes. Some may not be cruelty free, but they are all brand new.  This giveaway will last until the 28th of July and the winner will only have 24 hours to respond!

Please don't unlike us after the giveaway! Its not nice, and we enjoy our viewers so much! ( You will be banned from future giveaways also )
This giveaway is for US ONLY (Sorry International ladies :/ )
You must be 18+ years of age or have a guardians permission
Be Nice! Meanness will not be tolerated, ever.
No cheating or giveaway accounts
Have fun!


I am selling quite a bit of nail polishes! Please check my storenvy destash! I would love not to take all of these with me ! 

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  1. Ok...i shared on FB and have no clue as to WHY a jewelry in candles pic came up with your page name!!!! *Confused*

  2. You gals are so busy. Congrats on the move Pan :)


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