Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Leah's Collection

Happy New Year everyone!!

So I recently went to put my new Christmas polishes that I got into the box that I keep my nail polishes in and realized they're starting to not fit anymore. Not to mention the $40 I just spent at the Julep end of the year sale which I haven't received yet. All these polishes except for about 3 I have acquired in 2 years, but mostly in the last year. We moved about 2 and a half years ago and I wasn't all that into polish at the time like I am now, so I put a bunch of it in storage. I have no idea where that box is now, not to mention they're probably all broken/exploded from the heat/cold changes. That makes me very sad, and I wish I would have kept them all out of storage, but at least I got a new collection going for me now!

This is the case I currently use. I was being lazy and didn't want to get my camera out again so I took a screenshot of the case on the Caboodles website. Its a great case, has shelves for other stuff like brushes, files, etc... Currently all my polishes fit in it, and I have a lot.

That is the top view of my current polishes that aren't in storage. You can't really tell from this pic, but I have an obsession with sparkly and glittery nail polishes! lol I have been trying to branch out from pinks too with my new collection of colors. My old collection was mostly pinks cuz its one of my favorite colors, but I seem to be leaning towards blues this time, haha.

To be honest, I am not really sure why I am doing a post about my collection of polishes, but I would really love to see pics of everyone elses collections!! Nail polish is one of my favorite things, and I love to share it! Panacea and I were talking about how we like to mention how we want to see certain things that you other ladies do, and we have yet to see anything from anyone! So don't be shy, share your pics with us!!

 Essie (owned by L'Oreal who DOES test on animals)

 Milani (cruelty free)

 Kleen Color (cruelty free)

 Wet n Wild (cruelty free)

 Sally Hansen (cruelty free)

 Studio M formally known as Massini (cruelty free)

 Pure Ice (cruelty free)

 Lynnderella (cruelty free)

 More Sally Hansen (cruelty free)

 L.A. Colors (cruelty free)

Blue Cross Beauty Care Winter Wonderland Ornaments Holiday Glitter Collection (not sure if they're cruelty free or not) 

 Rimmel London (claims to be cruelty free, but says in cases where required by law, like selling in China, etc... they do test on animals for that reason)

 Diamond Cosmetics (cruelty free)

 NYC (cruelty free)

 Julep (cruelty free)

 YH Beja (not sure, but they have been messaged to find out. I will update you all with the answer)

 Nabi (not sure, can't find any info on them.)

 Maybelline (owned by L'Oreal who DOES test on animals)

 Mary Kay (used to be cruelty free, but dropped their cruelty free status in order to sell their products in China who requires by law that companies test on animals.)

O.P.I. (cruelty free)

 Sinfun Colors (cruelty free)

 Sinful Colors that I forgot to put in the pic (cruelty free)

Another Sinful Color that I forgot to put in the pic (cruelty free)

Funky Fingers, Color Club, Lex, and Spoiled (all cruelty free)

When I first started to do this blog with Panacea, and we discussed making it a cruelty free polish blog, I was scared that I was going to have a lot that were NOT cruelty free, but I was glad to find that almost all of mine are!! 

I hope that you enjoyed looking at my collection of polishes!! Please don't forget, we are curious to see what your collection looks like too! Post pictures on our facebook page HERE or you can email them to us at Mynailpolishispoppin@gmail.com!

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