Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sinderella's Slipper

The other day Pan showed you Welcome to the Ball from Gothic Gala Lacquers and today we want to show you Sinderella's Slipper.  We wanted to do this as a dual post from both of us so that we could both show you this amazing and beautiful glitter topper. The site describes it as: " glitter topper with red holo and red holo hearts, black hex glitter and black hearts as well as copper glitter. ". It is so amazing!!

Panacea and I pretty much feel the same way about this polish. It is seriously so amazing!! I am totally in love with it. It also reminded me of the red queen from Alice in Wonderland.

It goes on very nicely! I was getting a decent amount of each glitter on each stroke. At first I didn't get any hearts when I did the first coat on the fake nail, but the second coat it pulled hearts and they even lined up perfectly. I didn't move them at all! lol

First coat on fake nail.

Second coat on fake nail. I didn't move the hearts at all, they lined up like this on their own! lol

I kinda waited till it was real late to do the swatch on the fake nail, so I didn't get time to do my own nails. The reason I wanted to do it on a fake nail too was because its long. My nails are short right now. So the next day I did my own. I wanted to do something where it showed the polish on different colors, so I just did a whole mani with different colors and I loved all of them! I used Ebony Hates Chris by Wet N Wild for the black, then used Kate by Julep for the white, lastly for the red, I used Taking The Red Eye by Wet n Wild Megalast. All three colors matched the glitter and looked great together with Sinderella's Slipper. As Panacea mentioned below, there is even a hint of copper in it, which is different, but I love it!

These were taken inside with my light.

I had a heart on one of my nails that kept hooking on everything, but if you put enough top coat on it, you can usually get that to not be a problem. I noticed that Pan also mentioned about the hearts not laying flat, I too am also cool with that because this polish is so awesome!  lol

Please ignore my dry skin and bad cuticles.

It sparkles so pretty too, I really should have taken a video of it and posted it in here also. I hate how most glitters you have to dig around for a variety of glitters to be equally spread, not with this one at all. It went on very evenly. The hearts were a lil sparse, but thats not an issue for me, makes it unique to each nail. The bottles are really cute and really nice too. Made it easier for me to put it on.

For those of you who haven't heard of this brand yet, its probably because she's fairly new! She just launched her new line in August. She has a bunch already planned too and they're very pretty!! Gothic Gala Lacquer is the name, run by Samantha. She's very nice too! I can't wait to try more of her polishes!

You can shop Gothic Gala Lacquer here!
You can visit her FB page here!

Hope you enjoyed my portion of this dual post! Here is Panacea's portion now! xoLeah

I don't even really know how to begin how to tell you all how much I LOVE this nail polish. It was such a fun polish. It is perfect for Halloween, it would also be really great for Valentines day! It reminded me of the Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Its not news to anyone that I love hearts. It made me happy to see them. I know they don't generally lay flat but I dun even care lolol. I love heart glitter. I seriously loved this polish so hard. I took the polish off my toes and repainted them red so I could wear this glitter on top! Since it's still warm I am wearing flip flops out and about and I see people checkin my toes out. Holler. I know its because of the polish cuz I have been wearing flip flops all summer and have never seen so many people check my feet out!

It is super versatile. It wasn't even really that hard to get off.. Here is a picture of the glitter by itself with two coats and one coat of topcoat.

Here it is with colors that match the colors of the glitter in the polish. I used Zoya Gia, Wet n Wild black crémé, and Wet n Wild blank canvas. I like how it looks with these colors.

 I wanted to show you with other versatile colors. Some I think would be great for Halloween and Valentines Day. When I showed my friend Morgan the brown she was like brown for Valentines Day? Yea! It kind of looks like chocolate hearts. I dunno. I think it looks really nice. I also really love it over the orange. I really loved this set of colors with the glitter!

 This one is super blurry but you can really see the sparkle!

Thanks so much for checking out our post, sorry it was so long, but since we had both gotten it to review, we decided we would do it together! Have a great week everyone! xoLeah & Pan


  1. I love this nail polish (: well I love anything that sparkles (:

    1. Yea, I love sparkly stuff too. I probably have more sparkly polishes and glitter than any other type of polish. I feel like a mosquito to a light when I see glitter/sparkle. lol

  2. what a complex glitter! I really like the hearts.

    1. Yea, the hearts are my favorite part too!


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