Monday, September 2, 2013

Candy is Dandy

Hi there!

I am a sucker for candy. I love it. I prefer hard candy but I'm not really super picky lolol. Candy is candy!! Candy is dandy. ;)

As you know, I am a super huge fan of all the textured polishes! I want to own them ALL!!! I have not really been able to find the NOPI Gumdrops anywhere around me. Its super frustrating! Actually I lie. I saw them once at a Wal Mart like a month and a half ago but I had 0 money and never saw them again! :'( . When my buddy told me she found them and got me one I was sooo excited !!!!!!!! I couldn't wait to try it. I pretty much did as soon as I opened the package!!

Check it out!! This is Candy is Dandy by Nicole by OPI from the gumdrops collection. I can tell I am going to love all these colors!! It is super sparkley, almost holographic! It is so gorgeous. Here it is with two coats, no top coat.

                                                       And here is one nail with top coat.          

There is a color that is limited to a few stores only in Canada. The yellow one! If we have any fans here that live in Canada and can find me the Lemon Lolly I would so pay you for it or maybe we can set up a swap! I really really really want it so hard!! If you are interested please message me on our facebook or at-

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


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