Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hi there!

Back in the day hubby and I used to be total stoner's. We still smoke but it's mostly just recreational anymore rather than an all day errday thing. I am a pretty big Legalization advocate and I think everyone should try it! I think if more people did smoke the world would be so much more friendly.


A few months ago my Adopt a friend told me she would rather shop off wish lists and that was really hard for me! For one I didn't have one ( I have since made one! ) and I just like the surprise you know!  .. Well the next day I signed onto facebook and happened to see Mentality released a 420 Holographic set!!!!!!! Holy shit! I instantly messaged my buddy and showed her and asked for that, it was the only thing I for sure wanted! I couldn't even believe I got them!!

I've been so excited to try them since I received them! I can't believe I waited this long!! I will be wearing the others very soon!

Educate is a brownish/dark red tint polish with a hint of green in some light. Here it is with 2 coats no top coat.

I loved this color so very much. It looked great on my nails, it was so gorgeous and the holographic is insane!

You can find Mentality on Facebook and Big Cartel! Their polishes run about $7 each and I am pretty sure it's always free shipping to the US!

 Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!



  1. Thanks bb ! I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to use the other colors!


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