Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stormy Dots

You are probably wondering why I called this mani Stormy Dots. Well the dots part is obvious, but let me show you what I got interrupted with while doing this mani....

I could see the dark clouds rolling in and I could hear lots of thunder in the distance. So I stopped to admire the clouds. (I have a thing for clouds) While standing there watching out my balcony window my phone starts making a noise i've never heard before. We had a tornado warning! What?! I have an app on my phone and it didnt even tell me that we had a severe thunderstorm watch or warning. So it came out of nowhere! I was like omg! My kids were sleeping, my hubby was sleeping. He had his computer on, he was using his external hard drive trying to export a dance recital he filmed and edited. He has a videography business. Broken Glass Media

So, I flip on the TV and am looking for the local news to cut through to report this tornado warning happening, I find nothing. I was so confused. I look outside, by this time, the storm was moving so fast that it was already over us so I wasn't too worried anymore. Well, about 10-15 minutes from where I live, there was some REAL bad weather happening. A possible tornado touchdown, HUGE amounts of hail, like it was covering peoples yards like snow, tons of rain, high winds, trees knocked over, power outages. We had bad rain, a few drops of hail, and some non-stop thunder with a few flicks of lightning. We were lucky. The news did eventually kick in, they were being slow. They never reported a confirmed touchdown, but a friend of my sisters took a pic of a tornado in the distance touching down. She said it was small and didnt last long thankfully. Fifteen minutes later this is what it looked like over my apartment.

It kept doing that on and off all day. Dark scary clouds rolled in, then it was bright and sunny! There was even one point where it was pouring buckets and the sun was shining so bright I could barely look outside! It was ridiculous weather, but anyone who lives in Michigan knows this is somewhat normal. lol

So anywaaaaays.... Nails. haha Sorry! XD

Ok, so Panacea and I have mentioned this a few times at least, but we're in a Adopt a Friend group in Facebook where you sign up, receive a nail mail buddy, then you exchange nail related items. You get a new friend each month, its super fun! Anyway, I had on my wishlist that I wanted some of the Klean Colors Metallic's. My May buddy sent me some!! I was so excited! 

I kept seeing some really cool manis with a matte finish, and I have really been wanting to do one. Someone had told me that these stamped really well so I thought I would try it with a matte black underneath. Well I don't have a matte black, so I decided to use my Julep Matte Top Coat over my black polish, Wet n Wild's Ebony Hates Chris. Turned out pretty good. I love the matte look, especially on black! 

I forgot to take a pic with the matte on, but you can see how shiny it is by itself and then see how well the matte top coat worked after. Good stuff!

I went to try to stamp it, tried a few different designs and it just wouldn't work. I don't know why, maybe it was because I had the fan blowing next to me that it was drying to fast... but I gave up. So I decided to just use my dotting tool and do polka dots. 

I took pics before I got all the extra polish off my fingers. lol So don't mind it please. XD

Here is what I used for my mani! Metallic Green by Klean Colors, Metallic Purple Fuschia, Ebony Loves Chris by Wet n Wild, and Juleps Matte Top Coat.

Here is a pic of my nails with the ring that she sent me with my Metallic Fuschia!

I hope that you guys enjoyed my post and I didn't bore you too much with my story about the storm! lol Have a great week! xoLeah

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