Saturday, June 15, 2013

True Blood

I know its not Tuesday, but OMG OMG OMG!!! TRUE BLOOD IS BACK TOMORROW!!! I am so excited! This is probably my favorite show, this or Shameless. It might be a tie. lol

I wanted to do a mani for the premiere. I had lots of fun doing it and I even did both hands! haha Usually when I do something more than just a simple paint job I only do one hand like that. I loved it so much though that I just had to do it on both hands.

Is anyone else going to be watching the premiere tomorrow? For anyone interested, it starts at 9 on HBO. I don't recommend watching it though if you haven't watched before. You need to watch it all to understand a lot of whats going on. Here is the trailer for season 6.

For my mani, I used the black and white Art Club nail art duo pens in black and white for the writing and fangs. For the blood I used Devious from the new Sinful Shine line. For my ring finger I used the Julep Matte top coat. The red on my pointer and pinky is Taking The Red-Eye by Wet n Wild Megalast. The black is Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Ebony Hates Chris.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and has a great week! xoLeah


  1. These are so cute! I have watched the first 4 seasons on Netflix, but I haven't seen season 5 yet, so I guess I better hold off on season 6!

    1. Oh yea, you definitely wanna watch season 5 before you watch season 6 or you will be so confused! haha I am so obsessed! I need to read the books. I started to, but then I had kids and now I hardly get time to read. I have to have silence or I can't concentrate and I don't know if you have kids, but there is no such thing as silence when you have kids. haha

  2. I just happened to be passing by your blog, checking out your various looks, & I have to say that this one is _definitely_ my favorite! I know that gritty, textured polishes are all the rage right now, but I'm really just not "feeling" them yet. I don't usually like matte finishes either, but i like the way you mixed them in here on this mani... although as a fellow True Blood fan, I'm probably not the most impartial judge around. ;) I can't watch the new season yet, because we don't have HBO right now, so I've returned to reading the books to get my fix... I'm on to #5 now. As usual, not everything is like the show, but enough of it is similar; they're almost as seductive & addicting as the show!


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