Thursday, April 4, 2013

Squatter, Sprog and cornwall

Hi there :)

A few weeks ago Ulta was having the 21 days of beauty deals in their stores ( if you are not on the email list or the reward membership they have, seriously you should sign up. It's free and they send awesome coupons and stuff all the time! ) and during that promotion they had butter LONDON polishes for $9 each.. They are normally $15 and for $15 it's a little out of my budget, $9 is still high but a little better. They do have a few colors I have been eying.. During the promotion I got squatter and sprog. I love them both and am glad I got them.  This is a really nice spring weather summoning mani! Hopefully spring weather will get the hint with all the bright manis. ;)

A few weeks ago hubby got off work like 4 hours before I did and had to wait until I got off work so he walked to the mall by his work. He saw this funky nail polish and thought I would love it so he got it for me. He knows me so well. It is supposed to look and feel like feathers! In my real life I am afraid of birds and have never actually felt feathers but I assume this is pretty close. Its  so cool! I really do love it! It also looked really good over Sprog. It's called Cornwall - Feathers by the brand Nails Inc. On my pointer I have 3 coats, on my ring I have 2 coats and my pinkie I have one coat over sprog. On my thumb I have 3 coats of only Cornwall.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy!


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  1. heyyyy girls !! Shouting out from sunny south ALABAMA to share my mani monday with

    You have gone wonky with your giveaway girls ;it is HUGE Thank you!!!!!

    take care ya'll.
    OH; see my new manis on my blog. I have done a cut-back on them so they are shorter for now. And having been ill makes my shaky hands act up so mu designs are.....e-wwwwwwww.

    How ya'll doing??

    from sunny south blessed


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