Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Its so funny, usually I only do 1, sometimes two manis for holidays, but for Halloween this year I have been in the mood to do more! I wanted to squeeze in one more for my last post before Halloween, so thats why I am posting this so late. lol I literally just did these candy corns. I only did one hand, doing this post, then finishing the rest. haha

I am taking my kids trick or treating on Halloween, but I don't have a costume. I could wear an old costume, but I don't have any of them here and I don't want to dig through my storage unit cuz its super cluttered. I want to dress up, but don't have any idea what I want to do. Anyone have any suggestions? At least my nails are cute right. lol

We don't really have any Halloween traditions except going to the pumpkin farm and carving pumpkins. This year I didn't realize that one of the pumpkins we got was starting to rot already. I opened it up and the insides were nasty. So my pumpkins face looks like when people don't have teeth and their lips curve in.... its an elderly pumpkin. lol

My youngest and I carved this one. This is the one with folded in lips now. XD

This is the pumpkin that my husband and my oldest carved. They have strobe lights in them now!

Alright, so lets get down to business, thats enough of my rambling. haha

Ok, so for my candy corns, I used Julie G Gumdrops in Sugar Rush and Tangerine Dream! I think they were perfect. For the white I used Nabi White. I love the texturedness of it especially. I also did this same mani on my friends Ariel and her sister Caitlyn, along with something similar on my friend Rebekah.

For this other Halloween themed mani, I used Fantasy Makers Once Upon A Time and Finger Paints Iconic Orange. This was my first time using Finger Paints, and I quite like the brand. The stickers are Kiss brand. There are a ton of different stickers you can use, the pack came with a few sheets of different ones. I was excited when I seen them. lol This was my first time using a Fantasy Makers polish. I love it! I love the bottles too!!

Right hand.

Left hand.

For this Halloween mani I used Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris and KleanColors Metallic Red. I love love LOVE this red. Its definitely one of my faves. I got it in my last Adopt A Friend swap and was super excited cuz it was on my wishlist!!  Pardon the bubbles and smudge on my thumb in the pics. lol

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you guys have a super awesome Halloween and a super awesome week! xoLeah

Kiss my Hooves

Hi there!

Is it just me or was last week so horribly loooong?! Last week was so long for me that when I wrote that sentence I was like omg wait... was that last week or the week before this one? No, it was last week. lolol...

I needed something to lift my spirits after that super long week. I decided to paint my nails one of the super cute & sexy new nail polishes I got from Polish Yer Hooves!

The color is Kiss My Hooves ( I love all the names she has lol! ) From the Star Grazers Collection. It's a SO gorgeous bright red holographic polish. I was talking to Leigh Ann when I was picking my color and she was asking if I wanted a smelly and I was like hmm... I've never really tried smelly nail polish but when I ordered one of my others from her I had noticed that she had TONS of smells. I was kind of hesitant but when she said lilac I knew I HAD to try it. I love lilac. It is my favorite smell in life. The smell is very nice but I have a super sniffer and the polish was very strong for me. I don't know if it's just me, but if you have a sensitive sniffer and want to try one her of smellys ask her for a light scent that is what she told me she would try if I decided to try another smelly. I think that I would like to try a couple of the other smells!

My mini's came in this super cute little bag with some sparklies and some cow confetti. OMG so adorable! The package also came with a cows tail candy but that didn't make it but like 3 seconds!

The red one is the one I am showing you today. It's so pretty. I love it so much. I only have one other red holographic nail polish and its much darker. Here it is with 3 coats and one coat of top coat.

 Isn't it so pretty?! This is such an elegant color. Packed with sparkles and sure to attract attention! Have you tried any Polish Yer Hooves polishes yet? I think I am a fan for life! If you haven't tried them yet you can check out her Facebook page and her Etsy store. Her polishes are about $9.00 each and she has so many smells to choose from!!

Here is a picture of all the pretties in the Star Grazers Collection! They are on Pre Order right now so get in on that!!

Thank you for reading! I hoe you enjoy!


* This polish was sent to me for my honest review *

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pixie Halloween!

Hi there!

I love Halloween! It's my favorite! I had a little time the other day and I really wanted to do some Halloween nail art. I was looking through my polishes and I decided I really wanted to use pixies! I did a Vampire, a mummy, 'boo', a grave- R.I.P. with a moon, and a pumpkin!

 The colors I used were all Zoya Pixie Dust's : Tomoko, Dhara, Dahlia, Chyna, London, Solange

I love the pixies so much!  Zoya pixies are one of my favorite of textured polishes! Do you use textured polishes? What are your favorite?

Here is a picture of my Baby Girl ( Puddin ). She wanted to be in the pictures. Doesn't she look so mean? She is lolol.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Zoya is having a twitter nail art contest. Check it out on their blog for all the details!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fluffy Pumpkin

Hi there!

I am so sorry that I have been such a blog suck lately! I feel like since I got sick I've just lost my mojo and trying to make up for all the slack!

On Oct. 22 was our real One Year Blogiversary and I really wanted to revisit the very first polish that I had ever reviewed on this blog but when I went to take pictures it smeared all over the place. I was so upset! I didn't have time to re paint them either. waa. :(

You can find my first blog post here if you haven't seen it before! I think our blog has REALLY come a long way since then! :D

Since I didn't get to redo the Ruby Pumps polish, today I want to show you a very pretty orange holographic from LynBDesigns!

This color is called Fluffy Pumpkin. It was a limited edition orange holographic polish she released for Halloween! She only made 25 bottles and I was so lucky enough to get one! I had heard about the release, was super excited. Then I fell asleep and I missed the initial release and when I woke up I thought for sure that I had missed it... I didn't!! Then I asked hubby if I could use the money in my savings so I could buy it. He said yes, I was just so excited!!! I couldn't wait to own it and wear it!

When I got it , I wore it one of the first days. I forgot my ridge filler and I only had done two coats. I was a little disappointed because with two coats I couldn't really see the holographic and the orange was really light.

I googled it because I wanted to see other swatches. I just wasn't ready to give up on this beauty. I am really glad I didn't too. I tried it again with ridge filler, a base coat and 3 coats of Fluffy Pumpkin.. Oh ma glob. Three coats made SUCH a difference!

Here it is with 3 coats and a top coat.

 I'm really super happy that I gave this one another try. Orange is my favorite color ever, and I just love holographics!  You can find LynBDesigns on Facebook and Etsy. She is also having a sale to help her fix her car, she hit a deer and needs to pay for some repairs! I love LynBDesigns polishes. They are so nice and such a great quality and she is so sweet! If you haven't tried her polishes, seriously go try some today. It is the perfect time!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Un año increíble (An incredible year)

Today is officially our 1 year blogiversary! Panacea started the blog this day one year ago! The next day she asked me to be a part of the blog too! I was so excited! I had been thinking about doing a nail blog myself, and who wouldn't want to do something so fun with your best friend?! So two days after Panaceas first post, I did my first post. This past year has been so exciting and we have made so many new friends and are thankful for all the new fans, friends, and fun we have had being a part of such a big nail community!

My very first post can be found here! I did a Frankensteins monster inspired mani, it was a lot of fun. Here is a pic!

For my mani for today, I decided to try to do something again that I had tried before, but was unsuccessful at, using striping tape. The first time I tried it a few different ways and I couldn't get it to work at all. I think the polishes that I used were too watery. I decided to give it another try and was super excited that it worked. This is probably one of my favorite mani's that I have done on myself. 

For my hubby and I's 7 year wedding anniversary, he let me buy some polishes from Ulta. I seen this color and couldn't resist. I kept going back to it when trying to decide. Its OPI DS Magic. It is my first DS polish. I love it! It goes on so good and it lasted a long time, not to mention its gorgeous!

I love glitter/holo/sparkly polishes and mani's, they're my fave! So I wanted this to be super sparkly! I used Color Club Harp On It underneath Magic to add more sparkle to the already sparklyness of Magic. lol Topped my mani off with a gem on each nail. I picked purple because in person there is a purple tint to Magic in the bottle, you can't see it as much on your nails, but I thought it might bring it out a little.

Now I am addicted to striping tape. I wish it didn't take me so long to do it though. I am just slow I guess. haha I loved this mani so much though that I even did my right hand! haha I did a bunch of mani's on my friends too. I am going to be doing a post in the future with a bunch of mani's I've done for my friends though, so keep an eye out for that. 

Hope everyone has a great week! xoLeah

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dirty Diana

I have never wanted a polish so bad as when I seen Dirty Diana from Colors By Llarowe! Omg have you seen any of the swatches going around the net? GORGEOUS! Google them. I would share pics here, but I don't want to get yelled at for stealing pics of anything of the sort. I kinda suck at good nail pics though, so mine aren't as good, but seriously, this stuff is AMAZING!

I received this for free from the lovely Leah at Llarowe. She is participating in our contest and I told her how much I loved it and asked about when the restock of it was (this was back before the recent restock) and she was like, well since i'm sending you the prizes, do you want me to send you a bottle to review? I almost died. I got SO EXCITED! Omg you have no idea. I couldn't wait to open it when I did get it. 

The polish was kinda thick, but I kinda like that in a polish because it usually means its a one coater, which this was! This is probably also my favorite bottle too. Not only is it square, which I find a lot easier to hold, but the brush handle was the rubbery ones, I dunno what that is even called, but its awesome. 

The first mani I did with it actually was when my friend Ariel came over. I had done some really cute nails on myself, which will be next weeks post, before I went to check the mail. I was like DAMN, why didn't I wait till after I checked the mail?! lol But anyways, so I couldn't wait to use it and I tried it out on her and it turned out super cute and I was then jealous of her mani. haha

Ariels nails. I used Dirty Diana from Colors By Llarowe, Harp On It by Color Club for the color underneath, and then the other pink color is Sunset Bronze by Ulta.

A few days later, when my mani started to fall off, and I was about to go to a wedding, I decided I would finally use Dirty Diana on myself. I think it really looks good on any length of nail, but longer looks much prettier, mine are on the short side right now. I wish they were long and thick like my grandmas! 

Anyways, this stuff in the sunlight and my light for pics looked SO AWESOME! I couldn't really get a good sun pic, but the light, ERMAHGERD! I just love holo so much, probably my favorite type of polish, its so beautiful.

This was inside with my light and flash with a top coat.

If you are interested in checking out more or purchasing Dirty Diana you can do so by visiting Llarowe's store. I'm sure most of you already know this already, but you can also purchase a ton of other different brands in her shop, its amazing. OH NO!! After typing this I realized Dirty Diana is SOLD OUT again!! Seriously, this stuff goes like hot cakes, its so awesome. Well there are still a ton of really awesome other colors you can check out there, so be sure to at least browse and see for yourself!

I totally want like all the Colors By Llarowe now! Hope that you guys enjoyed this short lil review of Dirty Diana. Have a great week! xoLeah

This was inside with my light no flash and a top coat.

Outside with flash and top coat.

Outside no flash, somewhat cloudy, no top coat.

Partial sunlight inside with top coat.

Inside with flash and my light, no top coat.

Frank is Mine

Hi there!

Sorry for my lack of posting last week. I was super sick and I had like no extra energy! I didn't even paint my nails! waaa! I'm still sick but I'm feeling so much better now! Thank you all for your well wishes!

I LOVE Halloween! It is my favorite Holiday. I love the awesome decorations! Some houses are so amazing! My friend Amanda makes some wicked Halloween decorations for her house! Its amazing.  I also LOVE all the amazing costumes people come up with! People are so super creative it seriously blows my mind. I also love all the Halloween collections that come out (makeup, nail polish..)!!!! I need another job so I can buy them all! Guh!

Here is one of the Wet n Wild Neon Clairvoyance Halloween nail polishes! It's a deep green named Frank is Mine. I need more greens and I am glad that I have this one in my collection.. It's really pretty! You really need two coats. The first coat is super light. The second coat makes a huge difference! Here is is with 2 coats no top coat. The first few pictures are without flash and just regular lighting. I couldn't get a true to color photo with a flash or my light box.

Here is one with flash. It was so much brighter than the actual polish.

And here is my accent nail. I used A Girl Obsessed Fruity Pebbles.

I really enjoyed this color. Its very pretty and versatile!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!



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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hi there!

I really really loved Breaking Bad. I was late to the game but my Hubby and I caught it on Netflix and we were hooked from the first episode. We binged through the show and caught up with TV and watched it with the rest of the world. I didn't really think that I would like this show. I remember first hearing about it and going 'eh'. When Hubby said ' we have to watch it I hear so many amazing things about it ' I still wasn't super convinced. But again like most things, I'm glad I changed my mind!!

When I heard that they were ending it I was sad. Very sad. But happy at the same time ONLY because they endedd it before they ran it into the ground and ruined it.. Check out this really interesting buzzfeed article Leah shared about Breaking Bad. Here. It's pretty neat!!

 Rainbow Honey released a limited edition polish back in August called heisenburg when the new episodes of Breaking Bad started. I had been really wanting it since the first time I saw it. I kept seeing swatches and finally a few weeks ago I was like I can't take it anymore and I ordered it. I think I am lucky because it was part of a restock and it's such a gorgeous color. Not to mention it's for Breaking Bad and I think just about everyone and there mother watches it! I wore it last weekend for the Series Finale of Breaking Bad.

It is such a gorgeous blue with millions of sparkle. I would never do meth in my life but if someone offered me shiny glittery stuff like this. I might buy it just to look at it. But probly not cuz now I have heisenburg!! No sense in risking jail time. lololol.

I have to tell you something so cool.. I shared a picture of my heisenburg nails on instagram on Sunday and Rainbow Honey shared my picture!! oh my glob! So cool!!

Here it is with 2 coats!

You can find Rainbow Honey on Facebook and their website.

Guh I just love it so much. So gorgeous. Do you love Breaking Bad? Who was your favorite character?

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!