Monday, October 14, 2013

Dirty Diana

I have never wanted a polish so bad as when I seen Dirty Diana from Colors By Llarowe! Omg have you seen any of the swatches going around the net? GORGEOUS! Google them. I would share pics here, but I don't want to get yelled at for stealing pics of anything of the sort. I kinda suck at good nail pics though, so mine aren't as good, but seriously, this stuff is AMAZING!

I received this for free from the lovely Leah at Llarowe. She is participating in our contest and I told her how much I loved it and asked about when the restock of it was (this was back before the recent restock) and she was like, well since i'm sending you the prizes, do you want me to send you a bottle to review? I almost died. I got SO EXCITED! Omg you have no idea. I couldn't wait to open it when I did get it. 

The polish was kinda thick, but I kinda like that in a polish because it usually means its a one coater, which this was! This is probably also my favorite bottle too. Not only is it square, which I find a lot easier to hold, but the brush handle was the rubbery ones, I dunno what that is even called, but its awesome. 

The first mani I did with it actually was when my friend Ariel came over. I had done some really cute nails on myself, which will be next weeks post, before I went to check the mail. I was like DAMN, why didn't I wait till after I checked the mail?! lol But anyways, so I couldn't wait to use it and I tried it out on her and it turned out super cute and I was then jealous of her mani. haha

Ariels nails. I used Dirty Diana from Colors By Llarowe, Harp On It by Color Club for the color underneath, and then the other pink color is Sunset Bronze by Ulta.

A few days later, when my mani started to fall off, and I was about to go to a wedding, I decided I would finally use Dirty Diana on myself. I think it really looks good on any length of nail, but longer looks much prettier, mine are on the short side right now. I wish they were long and thick like my grandmas! 

Anyways, this stuff in the sunlight and my light for pics looked SO AWESOME! I couldn't really get a good sun pic, but the light, ERMAHGERD! I just love holo so much, probably my favorite type of polish, its so beautiful.

This was inside with my light and flash with a top coat.

If you are interested in checking out more or purchasing Dirty Diana you can do so by visiting Llarowe's store. I'm sure most of you already know this already, but you can also purchase a ton of other different brands in her shop, its amazing. OH NO!! After typing this I realized Dirty Diana is SOLD OUT again!! Seriously, this stuff goes like hot cakes, its so awesome. Well there are still a ton of really awesome other colors you can check out there, so be sure to at least browse and see for yourself!

I totally want like all the Colors By Llarowe now! Hope that you guys enjoyed this short lil review of Dirty Diana. Have a great week! xoLeah

This was inside with my light no flash and a top coat.

Outside with flash and top coat.

Outside no flash, somewhat cloudy, no top coat.

Partial sunlight inside with top coat.

Inside with flash and my light, no top coat.


  1. I totally in love with this Holos yet but hopefully i win something from your giveaway

    1. I know right! Its gorgeous. When I was on pinterest looking at different polishes that I wanted, I kept seeing different swatches of this one and every time I was like "Oh I need this one!" And then I would realize it was Dirty Diana again. lol

  2. I won this in the contest and all I can say is wow !!! Cannot wait to try it out as my next mani !!!! I really think pictures do not do it justice !!!! In the sun it is just Wow wow wow in the bottle !!!!!


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