Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fluffy Pumpkin

Hi there!

I am so sorry that I have been such a blog suck lately! I feel like since I got sick I've just lost my mojo and trying to make up for all the slack!

On Oct. 22 was our real One Year Blogiversary and I really wanted to revisit the very first polish that I had ever reviewed on this blog but when I went to take pictures it smeared all over the place. I was so upset! I didn't have time to re paint them either. waa. :(

You can find my first blog post here if you haven't seen it before! I think our blog has REALLY come a long way since then! :D

Since I didn't get to redo the Ruby Pumps polish, today I want to show you a very pretty orange holographic from LynBDesigns!

This color is called Fluffy Pumpkin. It was a limited edition orange holographic polish she released for Halloween! She only made 25 bottles and I was so lucky enough to get one! I had heard about the release, was super excited. Then I fell asleep and I missed the initial release and when I woke up I thought for sure that I had missed it... I didn't!! Then I asked hubby if I could use the money in my savings so I could buy it. He said yes, I was just so excited!!! I couldn't wait to own it and wear it!

When I got it , I wore it one of the first days. I forgot my ridge filler and I only had done two coats. I was a little disappointed because with two coats I couldn't really see the holographic and the orange was really light.

I googled it because I wanted to see other swatches. I just wasn't ready to give up on this beauty. I am really glad I didn't too. I tried it again with ridge filler, a base coat and 3 coats of Fluffy Pumpkin.. Oh ma glob. Three coats made SUCH a difference!

Here it is with 3 coats and a top coat.

 I'm really super happy that I gave this one another try. Orange is my favorite color ever, and I just love holographics!  You can find LynBDesigns on Facebook and Etsy. She is also having a sale to help her fix her car, she hit a deer and needs to pay for some repairs! I love LynBDesigns polishes. They are so nice and such a great quality and she is so sweet! If you haven't tried her polishes, seriously go try some today. It is the perfect time!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!


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