Monday, October 22, 2012

My first blog post

Hi there :)

My name is Pan. I am starting this blog to show you my nails! I love to paint my nails! To me its almost like a therapy session. I sit and paint my nails and that is my 'me' time! I have another blog that I was sharing some nail things on and also other things but my Hubby recommended that I have one blog specifically for my nails and one for my rantings and my other things I do. If you are interested in checking it click here! My hubby helped me with the name for this blog and I really love it!! I would like to make a blogroll of nail blogs so if you would like to have your blog posted in my blogroll- please post in the comments a link to it and I will add it, please add me to yours also ! That would be super neat!

So, let me tell you about my nails!

I painted my nails like last week and usually with my new job, and the gloves I have to wear the polish chips off super fast, like two or three days. These polishes have chipped some but they really aren't bad! I did work a day less, that could have an effect but I don't know.. I used China Glaze: Ruby Pumps and L.A. Colors Black Velvet. I really love both of these brands because they are cruelty free, which is super important to me and they both have super awesome formula. This L.A. Colors one, I bought at my local Dollar Tree! They have TONS of colors and they are pretty colors I think!

Left: China Glaze: Ruby Pumps / Right: L.A. Colors Black Velvet

Here is a view of my nails after I painted them. I absolutely love this red. I think it is so sexy and elegant. I love the red glitter ( I could no get a good photo of that :( ) it's noticeable when you look at it but it is not like bling bling. I really wish that I could have gotten a better picture of it. The black nail also has a tip of the red glitter. 

 Here is a photo I took outside. You can really see the beauty of the polish and how it looks now, a week after I painted them. 

Thanks for reading!!



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