Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Un año increíble (An incredible year)

Today is officially our 1 year blogiversary! Panacea started the blog this day one year ago! The next day she asked me to be a part of the blog too! I was so excited! I had been thinking about doing a nail blog myself, and who wouldn't want to do something so fun with your best friend?! So two days after Panaceas first post, I did my first post. This past year has been so exciting and we have made so many new friends and are thankful for all the new fans, friends, and fun we have had being a part of such a big nail community!

My very first post can be found here! I did a Frankensteins monster inspired mani, it was a lot of fun. Here is a pic!

For my mani for today, I decided to try to do something again that I had tried before, but was unsuccessful at, using striping tape. The first time I tried it a few different ways and I couldn't get it to work at all. I think the polishes that I used were too watery. I decided to give it another try and was super excited that it worked. This is probably one of my favorite mani's that I have done on myself. 

For my hubby and I's 7 year wedding anniversary, he let me buy some polishes from Ulta. I seen this color and couldn't resist. I kept going back to it when trying to decide. Its OPI DS Magic. It is my first DS polish. I love it! It goes on so good and it lasted a long time, not to mention its gorgeous!

I love glitter/holo/sparkly polishes and mani's, they're my fave! So I wanted this to be super sparkly! I used Color Club Harp On It underneath Magic to add more sparkle to the already sparklyness of Magic. lol Topped my mani off with a gem on each nail. I picked purple because in person there is a purple tint to Magic in the bottle, you can't see it as much on your nails, but I thought it might bring it out a little.

Now I am addicted to striping tape. I wish it didn't take me so long to do it though. I am just slow I guess. haha I loved this mani so much though that I even did my right hand! haha I did a bunch of mani's on my friends too. I am going to be doing a post in the future with a bunch of mani's I've done for my friends though, so keep an eye out for that. 

Hope everyone has a great week! xoLeah


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    very nice manicure! <3


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