Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Its so funny, usually I only do 1, sometimes two manis for holidays, but for Halloween this year I have been in the mood to do more! I wanted to squeeze in one more for my last post before Halloween, so thats why I am posting this so late. lol I literally just did these candy corns. I only did one hand, doing this post, then finishing the rest. haha

I am taking my kids trick or treating on Halloween, but I don't have a costume. I could wear an old costume, but I don't have any of them here and I don't want to dig through my storage unit cuz its super cluttered. I want to dress up, but don't have any idea what I want to do. Anyone have any suggestions? At least my nails are cute right. lol

We don't really have any Halloween traditions except going to the pumpkin farm and carving pumpkins. This year I didn't realize that one of the pumpkins we got was starting to rot already. I opened it up and the insides were nasty. So my pumpkins face looks like when people don't have teeth and their lips curve in.... its an elderly pumpkin. lol

My youngest and I carved this one. This is the one with folded in lips now. XD

This is the pumpkin that my husband and my oldest carved. They have strobe lights in them now!

Alright, so lets get down to business, thats enough of my rambling. haha

Ok, so for my candy corns, I used Julie G Gumdrops in Sugar Rush and Tangerine Dream! I think they were perfect. For the white I used Nabi White. I love the texturedness of it especially. I also did this same mani on my friends Ariel and her sister Caitlyn, along with something similar on my friend Rebekah.

For this other Halloween themed mani, I used Fantasy Makers Once Upon A Time and Finger Paints Iconic Orange. This was my first time using Finger Paints, and I quite like the brand. The stickers are Kiss brand. There are a ton of different stickers you can use, the pack came with a few sheets of different ones. I was excited when I seen them. lol This was my first time using a Fantasy Makers polish. I love it! I love the bottles too!!

Right hand.

Left hand.

For this Halloween mani I used Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris and KleanColors Metallic Red. I love love LOVE this red. Its definitely one of my faves. I got it in my last Adopt A Friend swap and was super excited cuz it was on my wishlist!!  Pardon the bubbles and smudge on my thumb in the pics. lol

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you guys have a super awesome Halloween and a super awesome week! xoLeah

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