Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hi there!

I really really loved Breaking Bad. I was late to the game but my Hubby and I caught it on Netflix and we were hooked from the first episode. We binged through the show and caught up with TV and watched it with the rest of the world. I didn't really think that I would like this show. I remember first hearing about it and going 'eh'. When Hubby said ' we have to watch it I hear so many amazing things about it ' I still wasn't super convinced. But again like most things, I'm glad I changed my mind!!

When I heard that they were ending it I was sad. Very sad. But happy at the same time ONLY because they endedd it before they ran it into the ground and ruined it.. Check out this really interesting buzzfeed article Leah shared about Breaking Bad. Here. It's pretty neat!!

 Rainbow Honey released a limited edition polish back in August called heisenburg when the new episodes of Breaking Bad started. I had been really wanting it since the first time I saw it. I kept seeing swatches and finally a few weeks ago I was like I can't take it anymore and I ordered it. I think I am lucky because it was part of a restock and it's such a gorgeous color. Not to mention it's for Breaking Bad and I think just about everyone and there mother watches it! I wore it last weekend for the Series Finale of Breaking Bad.

It is such a gorgeous blue with millions of sparkle. I would never do meth in my life but if someone offered me shiny glittery stuff like this. I might buy it just to look at it. But probly not cuz now I have heisenburg!! No sense in risking jail time. lololol.

I have to tell you something so cool.. I shared a picture of my heisenburg nails on instagram on Sunday and Rainbow Honey shared my picture!! oh my glob! So cool!!

Here it is with 2 coats!

You can find Rainbow Honey on Facebook and their website.

Guh I just love it so much. So gorgeous. Do you love Breaking Bad? Who was your favorite character?

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!



  1. I ordered this when they had it on pre-sale (I was that addicted to the show)! LOL I adore it, and of course I was wearing it all weekend long (and still now...) for the finale.
    Jesse was by far my favorite through the entire series. I was prepared to write very angry things all over the internets if he died at the

    1. It really lasted a long time. I just took it off the other day! I think Jesse was my favorite as well but I did really like Walt too! I'm glad he didn't die I just couldn't bare it!

    2. I liked Walt the first few seasons...then I just couldn't take his attitude and manipulation anymore. =0/ I was also super happy to see Badger show up. LOL I loved him!

  2. Yea bb, I think my favorite was Jesse too. I agree with Kelli though, I liked Walt at first, but then his attitude and stuff, the way he changed turned me off to him. And I liked Badger and Skinny Pete too. lol

  3. ummm good question..... Jessee or Walt......hard to choose but I love this color and sparkle think I might check into trying to get some


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