Thursday, March 7, 2013

St. Baldricks

Hi there :)

About a week or so ago, my friend Amanda held an event at our town expo called "Wauconda Community Shave" it was to raise money and awareness for St. Baldricks Foundation: a foundation to help cure kid cancer. It really is an amazing organization! At the event so many awesome people shaved their heads to stand with children with cancer, and surprisingly most of them were girls/woman! It was truly heart warming and I had tears in my eyes almost the whole time I was there! Amanda and her mom even shaved their heads! I was going to shave my head but I wouldn't have been able to donate it, and I feel like that would be a waste. Just last year I cut my hair to donate it so I told Amanda maybe we could all do it next year so I would be able to donate it! If you are interested in checking out photos of the event or information on St. Baldricks, click on the links here and here.

I did some nail art on my nails in support! I also painted her nails too! Check them out :) I use Pure Ice- Free Spirit on all my nails except the accent nail I used LA Colors- Energy Source. 

On my accent nail I drew the St. Baldricks logo. I am no artist but I think its pretty close!

I drew little faces on my middle and ring finger with Julep Hayden.

I used Pure Ice- Free Spirit for the eyes, Wet n Wild Red Red for the lips & Black Créme and little rhinestones on my pinkie.

I really really enjoyed this nail art! I spent a lot of time on it and put in a lot of hard work! I didn't get to wear this to the event because I had to work and it didn't last that long. I really wish I would have planned better to be able to wear them to the event. Here is a photo of Amanda's nails that I did on her. I didn't get to do so much detail on her's because I did it right before I went to work. I also wish I would have planned better to do the nail art on her nails too, but I think they are still nice!

Here is a photo of Amanda and her Mom Before & After!

Thank you for reading! I really hope you enjoy this post!


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