Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Spring!

Spring is starting soon, so I decided to do a cute spring look. Its been snowing on and off here. I live in Michigan so its been snowing and cold one day, then the next its almost 50 and sunny as hell! lol Darn bipolar Michigan weather. Yesterday was 46 and felt great out. I don't know what the weather was like today cuz I was being a hermit. haha. Anyways, decided to try a few new things with this mani! There is a place in my mall called Glitter. I don't know if this store has lots of locations because I have a hard time finding things about it, but the store is awesome. They have racks upon racks of accessories, makeup, jewelry, etc and its all only $1!! Its like a dollar store for girls! They have purses and belts and some other things too, but that stuff isn't $1. It is still decently priced. Sadly, some of their products aren't cruelty free. I bought some nail art stickers to try and they're really awesome and such a great deal! They had a ton of different styles to choose from too. The nail stickers were super easy to put on too. I just peeled them off, placed them were I wanted them, then put a top coat over top to help seal them.

Payless Shoe Store also had some new polishes and other things. I bought a few and used one in this mani. It goes on pretty good and they had lots of good colors to try. For this manicure I used Sage Stilletto. The brand name on the bottle is S.X.Y. by Unforgettable Moments.

I also tried a few of the new Flower polishes from Drew Barrymore's line. For this manicure I used May Flowers, What's The Daffodilly-O?, and I Lavendare You! Some went on awesome with 1 coat, others needed a few.

Next I tried a new one from the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection. I used Unicorn. It went on ok. Needs a few coats. Used L.A. Colors Super Strength Nail Builder for a base and top coat.

Together I think they all look cute and springy! The flowers added the perfect touch.

(Without flash)

(With flash)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Happy Spring!
xoxo Leah

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