Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh Halo Yea!

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Omg, I'm totally in love.

Last Tuesday I went to Meijer and my friend and I happened to walk into the beauty section. I looked over and noticed they had a color club rack over by where we were and I was so excited because they have never had Color Club before. Well they have never had full size bottles of polish, but they have the nail art bottles and the nail art duo pens. Anyways, I was bent down looking at the glittery colors they had, they were bright colors. Totally didn't even notice until I got up to walk away that they had the entire Halo Hues collection!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! You guys have no idea how bad I have been wanting that collection! I was only able to buy two at the time, but I can't wait to go back and get the rest because this stuff is seriously AMAZING!! 

I wanted to do another St. Patty's day theme and also try out the gems that I got on clearance! I am totally impressed with both the holo polish and the gems. I used Color Club Harp On It for all my nails except for the accent nail which I used Color Club, but I don't know the name because it literally says "no name" on the label. lol Then for the gems I used Fingrs Flirt Nail & Body Jewels.

Being a mom of two crazy lil boys, I usually have chipped nails the day after painting them. I painted my nails late Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. The green on my left ring finger fell off partially last night (Thursday) and today (Friday) I have a lil peeled off on my pointer finger on my right hand. That hand is usually the first to chip seeing as I'm right handed. The gems all stayed on really long too. I have been showering, bathing my kids, changing their diapers, playing, washing a few dishes, I am also an obsessive hand washer, so washing and drying all the time. I have been playing with the gems with my other fingers too. I couldn't believe how well they stayed on! I was sure they would have been gone the next morning when I woke up because of the way I sleep. I pull the blankets up to my face and put my hands under my pillows, but here we are Friday and they're still there, minus the one that peeled off when the polish peeled off. Well, technically one did try to peel off, but I pushed it back down and its been staying on pretty good. haha I have never had polish last this long before with all the things I do, its always chipping.

Ok, well hope you guys like my post! Have a great weekend! 


Ps. Enjoy some different photos of it. First couple are with a flash, last couple are in the sun. Pardon my fingers. I have a habit of picking at them when they get dry, which happens often.

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