Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm a Barbie girl

So recently I entered a giveaway for three Zoya's from Noshke's Nail Art Stamping. First she had picked a winner and that person didn't claim their prize. So she picked another winner and they didn't claim their prize either. So I won because two people didn't claim the prize!! I got lucky and was super excited!

I wanted to do a manicure showing all the colors that I won, so I came up with this. It makes me feel like Barbie. I feel that if Barbie was a real person, she would wear this on her nails. They are all really pretty colors. Starting from left to right I used the following: L.A. Colors Superstrength Nail Builder for my base and top coat. Then I used Zoya Blyss, Zoya Hayden, and then Zoya Luna. Blyss has a nice violet hue mixed with it. Hayden also has a slight violet hue with a shimmery glitter in it, but its almost hard to see. Luna is like a greyish white polish with lots of glitter. There are two colors of glitter in it I think. A bright silver and a darker silver is what it looks like to me. I think they're all pretty great together!

Thank you Noshke's Nail Art Stamping for such a pretty prize and thank you everyone for reading! Hope you like my nails!


(Without flash, just a lamp)

(With flash)

Doing this post got Barbie Girl by Aqua stuck in my head, so I am going to share it with you all and get it stuck in your heads too! hehe


  1. These look great together! I love girly manicures.

    1. Thanks, I thought so too. When I got them, I told the lady from Noshke's that I would do a mani with them and send her some pics and I was like man, I dunno what to do with them. Then I almost just used 2 of them and was gonna do the other another time and I thought well damn, I bet it would look cute if I did it like this. I thought it turned out good!


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